10,500 and 350

It is always a good day when I can hit a Ride milestone. Today I was able to hit one at Radiator Springs Racers and one at Guardians of The Galaxy: Mission Breakout.

Had a bit of a late start. Had to go have my teeth cleaned at the dentist. I arrived at Disney California Adventure at 9:31 am. I got a Fastpass for Guardians for 11:15 am.

I walked over to Racers to start my count to 10,500. The single rider wait time was about 10 minutes. I was able to ride 4 times by 11:17 am.

I headed over to Guardians to use my Fastpass. At 11:39 am, in Lower Bravo Gantry Lift, I reached my 350th ride. I even got my favorite song, “Free Ride”. And I got a photo with Brisa after. She dispatched my gantry lift.

I arrived back at Racers at 11:58 am. The single rider line was now about a 25-minute wait.

Got in line for Ride 10,500 at 12:36 pm. It looks like a 30 to 35-minute wait. At 1:08 pm, in Cranberry 1, on Luigi’s side, I turned Lap 10,500. I lost the race but I usually do on the big laps.

I got pictures with my Cast Member Friends throughout the day. I also got to ride with my friends Patricia and Isiah on Guardians.

I ended up with 11 times on Racers for the day. That brought my ride total to 10,505.

Four times at Guardians to reach 353.


The 10,500 ride

Ride 350 on Guardians





Katie and Desiree




Carlene and Nadine

Carlene and Nadine

with Isiah and Patricia on Guardians

Jared and Nadine

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