Return To Racers

Monday May 10th, 2021:

It’s been 425 days since I’ve been on Radiator Springs Racers. Yesterday I was able to ride my favorite attraction again.

I got to the Security check point, on the Harbor side of Disneyland around 6:30 am. They let us go through temperature and bag check at 8:15 am. I walked over to the entrance of Disney California Adventure. They let us through the gates at 8:50 am. I headed straight for Racers. With the new ride protocols of one group per car, I was in a car by myself. Cranberry 2 was the vehicle I got in. I was on Ramone’s side for the race and won the race. Number 12,738.

There is no single rider line at the moment. So everyone walks in the standby line, physically distance, as we queue to the attraction. I got on 2 more times.

There is another ride I also like in DCA. Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout. On that ride, they seat guests in the back and front rows, leaving the middle row unoccupied. For social distancing. I got on 3 times to bring my total to 738.

I went back to Racers and stayed in that area of the park for the rest of the day.

The main thing I’ve missed, is being able to see my cast member friends. They are a big reason I keep going back for more rides. I love taking pictures with them and appreciate their friendship through the years. They always are supporters of my goals.

One highlight of the day, was getting to ride with The Disneyland Insiders. They are big Disney Celebrities with their YouTube page and Facebook account. They have a big following and I was lucky to get to ride with them. We won that race. In fact, I only got 2 wins yesterday. My first ride and the ride with the Insiders.

My total times in Racers was 10 for the day. My total is now at 12,747.

I’ll be back on May 19th to continue my pursuit towards 15,000 rides. It will take a couple years but glad I was able to start the count again.


Disneyland Insiders
1st ride
Meli and Kelly
Jessica and Andy
Disney Insiders
Rider Queue
Hyperion Marquee
My 10th ride of the day

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  1. Jac Beigel says:

    We had so much fu. And were honored to get a win when riding with you! Glad to be back in the park among so many happy people! Thanks for riding with us Jon!

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