August 6th, 2019.

Reached another milestone today. It was October 15, of last year, when I hit the 11,000 ride mark at Radiator Springs Racers. Every 1,000th ride is special to me. The friends that ride in those big laps, make it even more special.

For the 12,000 ride, I was able to get Carlene Beckius, Catalina Simpson, Amanda Herrera, Kelly Redman and Cameron Reynolds.

Carlene and Catalina were the first cast members I became friends with at Racers. Carlene has been in every 1,000 car and Catalina has only missed out on 3 of them. I can not do any big milestone without these 2 awesome ladies. Amanda was in the 11,000th car. She is a cast member that works in the shops all over Disney California Adventure. Cameron and Kelly still work at Radiator Springs Racers. It will be their first time in a big milestone car. I’m very lucky to have all of them in the car. They are great friends.

I came to the ride today at the 11,997 mark. I got 2 rides in to reach 11,299 by 12:30 pm. I took it easy the rest of the day. I got a photo with Lightning McQueen with the 12,000 sign. I also used a Fastpass for Guardians of The Galaxy: Mission Breakout. It was my 647th time on the ride. Amanda was working at the Guardians gift shop. So I stopped to say hi. I then got a bite to eat at Award Wieners.

I walked over to Disneyland to ride the train. I did a full lap around the park.

I came back to Racers at about 4:50 pm. The ride was down because of multiple problems. The ride was up running again at 5:10 pm.

At 6:10 pm we all got in Blue 2. We were on Ramone’s side for the race and won. The 12,000th ride.

I want to thank not only my friends who got to ride but everyone that has been a supporter in this adventure. Cast Members in California and Florida, the many Facebook Disney groups and all the Instagram followers on my Racers10000 page. I don’t know if I would still be riding without all of your backing. Please keep it up.

Next goal is to see if I can reach 12345 before the end of the year.

My 12,000th time on Radiator Springs Racers.
Catalina, Kelly and Carlene in the front. Amanda and Cameron in the back.
Left to right: Cameron, Catalina, Amanda, Carlene and Kelly
Our goofy photo.
Lightning McQueen.

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