1700 STATS

Here are my updated statistics for 1700 laps on Radiator Springs Racers.

Overall record is 862 wins and 838 losses.
On Luigi’s side for race the record is 416 wins and 418 losses
On Ramone’s side the record is 446 wins and 420 losses.
Now by color of car:
Silver: 144 wins 133 losses
Yellow: 127 wins 109 losses
Teal: 119 wins 143 losses
Red: 112 wins 120 losses
Cranberry: 111 wins 94 losses
Blue: 90 wins  90
Green: 84 wins 92 losses
Purple: 73 wins 58 losses
So Ramone seems to be the better side for the race and the colors Silver, Yellow, Purple, and Cranberry are the better colors to ride.
Of course everything is random and you can not predict if you will win or lose the race.
Photo of the little notepad I use to track my laps.

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