2017 Year in Review

2017 was a great year for me. Here’s a recap:

In January, I participated in the runDisney Event. It was the Star Wars Rebel Challenge. I did a 10k on Saturday and a Half Marathon on Sunday. My friends Heather, Jon and my cousin Natalie participated in the 10K event. My friends Catalina and Deane Simpson did the Rebel Challenge along with me. We got 3 medals for finishing both races.

In April, I traveled to Florida for the first time in my life. I went with my Cast Member friend Amos. We did one day at Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure. We then spent a couple days at The Star Wars Celebration. It was awesome. Seeing the panels with Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford. I also got a photo with one of my favorite Actresses: Sarah Michelle Gellar. She was in a couple of Star Wars Rebel episodes.

We then spent a few days at the Disney World Resort. My friends Krystle got us an upgrade to a Cars themed Suite at the Art of Animation Resort. I loved all the parks but especially Epcot. I fell in love with Test Track. They even recognized me from my Racers Adventure. I got on the ride 25 times. At the end of the night, after my last ride, they gave me the ride photo. Emerson, Rachel, Jessi, and Lindsay became instant friends of mine.

In May, I reached the 9000 ride mark at Racers. I knew after that, it would be tough to get the next 1000 rides to hit 10,000.

On June 15th, Cars Land has its 5th Birthday. I got photos with my friends.

In July, I attended the D23 Convention. It was the 5th one and I’ve been to them all. Always great to see all things, Disney.

September brought the Disneyland runDisney event. I once again took on the Half Marathon. I started out with my friend Angela but see unfortunately got pulled from the race. I got some help from my friend Carlene. She gave me some ice about 2 kilometers from the finish. It was what I needed on a very hot and humid day.

In October, my friends from Test Track came to Racers from Florida. Emerson, Rachel and Lindsay got to join me for my 9800 ride. It was great to see them again.

On November 13th, I finally reached the 10,000th ride on Racers. The local ABC news station even came out to do an interview. And I did a couple online interviews with Now This and Cal State Fullerton. Also, a local radio interview on the Tim Conway Jr. radio show a few weeks later. I also got to hang out with Carlene’s family from Oregon. We got to go on Racers and Guardians together. Sandra and Steve Bekius and their 2 nephews. And the Steinke ladies also came down from Oregon and Washington to visit. We got on Guardians and Indiana Jones.

In December I got to hang out with another of my favorite families from Oregon. The Crees wanted to ride with me on lap 10,101. We were able to do just that. We even had matching shirts for the day. They treated me as one of their family.

And I finished up the year by passing out cookies to my Cast Member friends on Christmas Day. I even got on Guardians 12 times and got all of the 6 different song combinations. I got on Racers 9 times to bring my yearly total to 1750 and overall total to 10,140.


I don’t know if I can top this year but I’ll sure try. It’s going to start great because I’m going back to Florida in January.

Here are my up to date Racers statistics:

Rides by year:

2012: 56

2013: 316

2014: 2400

2015: 2795

2016: 2824

2017: 1750 which equals 10140.



I came 775 days to Racers to average 13.08 rides per day.


Rides by month:

January: 685

February: 692

March: 725

April: 654

May: 818

June : 856

July: 885

August: 898

September: 1177

October: 995

November: 623

December: 1132


Rides by colors:

Red: 1526: 839 – 687

Silver: 1433: 771 – 662

Teal: 1352: 671 – 681

Yellow: 1116: 613 – 503

Blue: 1096: 570 – 526

Cranberry: 1102: 562 – 540

Purple: 1085: 574 – 511

Green: 1058: 540 – 518


Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: Breakout! statistics:

Total rides 145


“I Want You Back”: 31

“Born To Be Wild”: 26

“Give Up The Funk”: 24

“Hit Me With Your Best Shot”: 22

“Free Ride”: 20

“Burning Love”: 18

“Monsters After Dark”: 3

And no song: 1


By shaft after 41 rides:

Lower Bravo: 23

Upper Bravo: 18

Lower Alpha: 18

Upper Charlie: 16

Lower Charlie: 15

Upper Alpha: 14


Other Major Ride Totals starting in 2001:


Buzz Lightyear Astro-Blasters: 579

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror: 290

Disneyland Train: 184

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad: 100

Disneyland Monorail System: 76

Soarin’ Around the World: 60

Haunted Mansion: 42

Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters: 35

Star Tours: 34

Pirates of the Caribbean: 30

Space Mountain: 28

Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree: 25

Jungle Cruise: 24

Grizzly River Run: 20

Splash Mountain: 20

Matterhorn Bobsleds: 19

Monsters, Inc. Mike & Sulley to the Rescue!: 15

Indiana Jones Adventure: 12


Now the photos for the year:

The 10,000 Car 

Natalie, Heather, Jon, Catalina, and Deane after 10K

After Half Marathon

Universal: Islands of Adventure 


Sarah Michelle Gellar 

Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford and George Lucas talking about Carrie Fisher

The Magic Kingdom with Amos

Test Track

Emerson and Rachel on far right after my 25th Ride 

Katie, Heather, Sandra, Glenn, and Carlene 

Sandra, Heather, Carlene, Katie, and Glenn

Alessa and Karla

Ken, Sandra, and Chet at D23 Convention 

Berit at D23

Crossing finish line Disneyland Half Marathon with ice cup from Carlene 

Half Marathon Medal 

9800 ride with Rachel, Emerson, and Lindsay 

Rachel, Lindsay, and Emerson 

10,000 car with Meli, Heather, Catalina, Rosanna and Carlene


ABC News interview 

Sandra, Carlene, and Willem

Guardians with Willem, Sandra, and Carlene 

Hannah, Lindsay, Michelle, and Nicole

On Guardians with the Ladies 

10,101 with The Crees 

Katherine, Marybeth, Carlene, Tara, Mark and Mary on Guardians 


With Darth Vader

Tara, Mary, Carlene, Marybeth, Katherine, and Mark

Christmas at Guardians 

Christmas at Racers 

Cidney, Karla, and Cameron

Got all 6 different songs on Guardians in one day

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