Today, I need to ride Radiator Springs Racers 23 times to reach the 9100 mark. The park hours are 9 am to 9 pm. That would mean, I would need almost 2 rides per hour.

I arrived at The Mickey and Friends parking structure at 7 am. Once the parking lot opened at 7:30 am, I walked to the park entrance, playing Pokémon along the way. The Main gates opened at 8:30 am. They allowed guests to get on the rides at 9 am. I went to Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout. Had to get pictures with the walls down in front of the Fortress.

Arrived at Racers at 9:09 am. Let the racing begin.

I had a total of 7 rides when I took my first break at 10:53 am. The break was only 11 minutes. I went to say hi to my friend Desiree at Racers Fastpass. Back racing at 11:04 am.

By 12 pm, I had 10 rides. I need 13 more to reach 9100.

I had another 3 rides before 1 pm. Now at 9090. Eight hours to get 9 more rides to reach 9100.

Took a break from 2:58 pm until 3:03 pm. I was at 9095 or 18 rides for the day.

The single rider line grew to over a 30-minute wait. By 5:42 pm, I got on 4 more times to reach 9099.

 Took a break. Visited briefly with my friends Victoria and Carlene. I also went on Soarin’. Went for a walk around the park. Playing Pokémon along the way. Also saw Cameo at World of Color. Blond hair this time.

Went back to Racers right before 9pm. Was the last person in line. And then the Magic happened. Ride 9100 with my friends, Victoria, Teddi, Davina and Sean.

Now 900 more to reach 10,000.


Davina, Victoria, Sean and Teddi


Sean, Teddi, Davina and Victoria 


Guardians with the walls down










Carlene being silly



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