Today is a special day. It is Disneyland’s 62nd Birthday. Hopefully, I can mark the occasion by reaching 9400 rides on Radiator Springs Racers. The last 2 milestone rides were on memorable days. 9200 on my friend Catalina’s Birthday and 9300 on my birthday.

I first want to say how much I loved the D23 Expo over the weekend. I posted a lot on Facebook. So no need to do it here except for some cool photos with my friends.

I had a few errands to run before getting to Disney California Adventure today. Getting my car serviced and going to Costco.

I got to the Mickey and Friends parking lot at 11:15 am. I then walked to the Downtown Disney Monorail station. Took the Monorail into Disneyland.

Walked behind Big Thunder for the first time. You can see one of the entrances into Star Wars Land. Tried to get a Fastpass for Fantasmic tonight. They told me they were all out by 9:15 am. All 3 shows. I guess I’ll try another day. Disneyland was packed. Maybe because of the Birthday.

So headed to DCA and Racers at 12:14 pm. I walked by Guardians and was invited inside. Got “Born To Be Wild”. Finally headed over to Racers. Arrived at 12:51 pm. Only 3 rides to 9400. Single Rider line looked like a 30-minute wait. Ride 9398 at 1:25 pm. Ride 9399 at 2:14 pm. I’m also falling asleep in the line. I guess tired from D23.

At 2:53 pm, in Yellow 1, on Luigi’s side for race,  won the race for ride 9400. The single rider line is still long. The cast members told me the ride did not open until 10 am this morning and went down shortly after that. I went on one more time, then took a little break. If the single rider line keeps being long, I’ll probably only do a few more rides today.

Was in line for one lap and was next to some of the stars from the Bravo Show: Vanderpump Rules. Pretty cool. Got a selfie with them.

After my 6th ride for the day, I went over to Guardians to use the Fastpass I got earlier today. “Burning Love” was the song.

Went back to Racers for one more lap. Ended up with 7 rides today and a new total of 9404. Back tomorrow for more racing action. Only 596 to go to reach 10,000.





Vanderpump Rules stars 



Bryan and Yesenia 



Ken, Sandra and Chet 





Star Wars land model 

Minnie Van

Honda girls sneaking a selfie 

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