Monday, I needed 29 rides to reach 9800, on Radiator Springs Racers.

I got to the attraction at 8:03 am. Not much of a crowd in the single rider line. Got 4 rides in by 9 am.  Four more rides by 10:05 am. That put me at a ride total of 9779. The single rider line got a bit more crowded. Two more rides and at 9781, when I took my first break at 10:50 am. Back in line at 10:56 am.

Three more rides. At 9784. About to be loaded for ride 9785 when the ride went down. It was a Power hit to the whole park.  This was at 12:15 pm.

Several rides went down. Screamin, Soarin, Grizzly and Toy Story, to name a few. I waited it out in line.  The ride came back up at 1:15 pm. I was actually in the first car out of the station.

I was able to get 5 more rides and reach 9790 at 4:15 pm. The single rider line was now a 30 minute or more wait. One more ride to hit 9791. I then took a 6-minute break. My last for the day.

From 5:05 pm until 9:22 pm, I got in 8 more rides. That was 28 rides for the day. My total was now at 9799. I could have reached 9800. But I was saving the ride for some special friends.

I waited until Tuesday to hit 9800, so I could ride with my friends Rachel, Emerson, and Lindsay. They were visiting from Florida. I met these 3 girls when I visited Test Track at Epcot, in Florida. They are Test Track Technicians. Emerson had heard of me. She did a Disney internship at Disneyland before moving to Florida. I got on Test Track 25 times when I was there in April. Word spread fast about my adventures at Racers. I even made a couple of signs for my rides on Test Track. By the end of the night, they let me get on the ride without waiting in line. And Rachel and Emerson gave me the ride photo for lap 25. They even put me in the car by myself for that 25th ride.

I met Rachel and Emerson at Racers Fastpass at 8:34 am. We got a Fastpass for 11:50 am.

We walked over to Screamin. I took pictures as Emerson and Rachel went on the ride. We then met up with Lindsay. I gave them some cookies I baked for them. The 4 of us went on the Swinging Mickey’s Fun Wheel. Lindsay and Rachel’s first time. They got a little scared. Then I watched again as the 3 of them went on Screamin. We came into Carsland. We got on Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree. Stopped by Sarge’s to say hi to my friend Amanda. We then went on Luigi’s with a Halloween song. Pretty cool.

The 4 of us went over to Racers and we got in car 9800. I sat in the back row with Emerson. Lindsay and Rachel were in the front row. At 11:33 am, we crossed the finish line for my 9800th time. It was Lindsay and Rachel’s first ride ever. Pretty special. So glad I was able to share this milestone ride with them. I told them I’m coming to Disney World in January to try and reach 100 times on Test Track. They said I should have no problem reaching that goal.

I then got photos with my friends and even got a photo with Super Lightning McQueen. The post milestone photos have always been special to me. The crew is so nice to allow me to get selfies with them.

I finished the day at 9814. Only 186 to go.

Emerson in the back row with me. Lindsay and Rachel in front.

Rachel, Emerson, and Lindsay

Goofy photo


Emerson on Mickey’s Fun Wheel

Lindsay on Mater’s

Rachel on Luigi’s

Outside of Flo’s


On road trip 

In line for the ride 

Amanda and Melissa 


Carlene. Only 86? What happened?


GMO and Stephanie 


Teresa and Chris


Super Lightning McQueen

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