Birthday 2018

The week of my birthday always starts at the Benihana restaurant in Anaheim, California. This was the 4th year in a row, my friends and I have gone to celebrate the occasion. This year only a few were able to attend. My friends Catalina, Heather, Dorise, Jon, and Bill. It was a small but fun group. When we sat down, a girl from the table across from us came over to say hi. Her name was Emma. She asked if I remembered her. I did but forgot her name. I met her a couple of years ago at the Disneyland Hotel during one of the Disney Run events. She follows me on Instagram and told me she was so happy when I hit my goal of 10,000 rides on Radiator Springs Racers. Heather and Catalina told me I had the biggest smile on my face taking to Emma. As Emma was leaving with her friends, she came back to our table and she let me get a selfie with her. It was great to see her.

June 28th: It was my …th Birthday. I’ve always tried to celebrate my birthday at my favorite place: The Disneyland Resort. Especially Disney California Adventure Park.

I arrived at the entrance to DCA at 7 am. I talked to a family from New York. They saw my Racers Numbers and wanted a photo. Then 2 other guests also wanted a photo with me and my 10,500 sign. The gates opened at 7:30 am. I went to rope drop to wait for the rides to open at 8 am.

I headed straight to Radiator Springs Racers. Lately, I’ve been starting my day at Guardians but wanted to go on the ride That started all this crazy adventure.

On my way to the ride, I stopped for a photo with Mater and Lightning. It’s rare to get these 2 guys together at one time.

I started to race at 8:04 am. Right after my first race, I got a photo with one of my favorite cast members, Catalina.

By the time I reached 5 rides for the day, I also got selfies with Kristi, Connor, and Miguel.

I took a brief break from Racers at 9:04 am to use a Fastpass for Guardians. I got the song, “Born To Be Wild” on my gantry lift.

I got back to Racers at 9:36 am. I went on 3 more times and the ride broke down at 10:27 am. I got photos with Alisha and Rosanna. The ride was back up at 10:36 am. A single car at belts was the problem.

After 10 rides, I took a break at 11:19 am. I had another Fastpass for Guardians. I got on for the 2nd time today. I was also lucky to get photos with Andy and Wendy.

I went over to the Disney Visa photo area and got a picture with Pluto. I also saw my friend Kelsea and got a selfie with her. And then my friend Heidi came over to wish me a happy birthday. I found out she works the food cart by the Disney Visa photo area. Too cool. As I was walking in Flik’s area, I got a picture with Josie.

Got back to Racers at 12:41 pm. After the 11th ride, the wait for single rider went up to a 40-minute wait. So I got a root beer to drink in line. I also got a selfie with Teresa before jumping into the wait.

It was 2:25 pm after ride 12 for the day. I took another break. Of course, after I got a selfie with Desiree.

I took Gantry ride number 3 for the day at Guardians. In fact, a few of the guests recognized me and made their fingers add up to the 386th ride. Some even pointed at me for the picture. As I was leaving, I got a picture with Gamora from Guardians of The Galaxy. And my good friend Lisa at Guardians Fastpass. Great to see her.

Back to Racers at 3:25 pm for ride 13, on the day. After that lap, I got selfies with Meli and Nadine. Then back in line for ride 14.

After I got in the car for ride 14, I heard the power stop on the ride. They call it Auto Power Disconnect. The whole ride shut down. Luckily I was just in the station but it was the 32nd time I had to be evacuated from the car. And the cast members, of course, blamed me. This was Racers Birthday present to me. The power went down at 4:45 pm. They have to get everyone out of the cars all around the track. They try to start it up again. I went over to Flo’s Cafe to eat and I could see a car stalled on the high bank.

I hung out at Flo’s until about 6:30 pm. I walked over to Guardians, to ride for the 4th time today.

I got back to Racers at 7:03 pm. The ride was still down. I took a walk. I ran into Sarah and Sara working the Pixar parade by Guardians. Of course, I got a selfie with them. They both sang Happy Birthday to me. That was awesome. I went on Guardians for the 5th time.

I got back to Racers at 8:15 pm and the ride was working again. I turned my 14th lap for the day. That brings my ride total to 10,567.

I headed back to Guardians at 8:40 pm. I got to watch the Pixar Play Parade in a special location. The parade starts down by Silly Swings and ends by Guardians, where I’m watching from. The parade was great, especially the Incredibles Float. The parade ended at 9:30 pm right when the Disneyland Fireworks were going off.

I walk over to Guardians, to wait for the ride to close. When most of the guests were off the ride, I got to ride with a couple cast members. Lisa, Shayenne, and Benny. It was my 6th ride for the day. My total is now 389. My friends at Guardians have been so nice.

It was another great Birthday at the park. Everything seemed to be a highlight for me. Birthday wishes and selfies with my Cast Member Friends, Getting Happy Birthday sung to me by Sarah and Sara, riding Racers 14 times and Guardians 6 times. Everyone was awesome. I truly appreciate all the friendships I made along the way. And all the Birthday wishes from numerous friends on Facebook. I don’t know if I deserve all this attention from liking rides at DCA but it constantly brings the biggest smiles to my face. I love everyone for their support in this adventure. I may be a year older but this park will keep me young at heart for years.

Button made by Catalina.

L to R: Catalina, Me, Dorise, Bill, Heather, and Jon


2015: Anna, Ken, Sandra, Dorise, Chris, Amos, Carlene, Catalina, Heather, Deane, Leslie, Denisse, and Mike

2016: Jill, Sandra, Jon, Heather, Dorise, Dave, Catalina, Jenny, Denisse, Carlene, and Mike

2017: Steve, Carlene, Heather, Jon, and Mike

Mater and LightningCatalinaConnor and KristiMiguelAlishaRosannaAndyWendyKelseaHeidi









Car stalled on the high bank when power turned off.

Sarah and Sara

Guests who follow the adventure pointing at me on ride 386

Benny, Lisa, and Shayene

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