Disney World January 2019: Day 1.

Monday, January 7th:

My friend Dave Crown drove me to LAX. I got to the airport and pass security check a little more than 3 hours before the flight. Can you say I’m a bit anxious? The plane is not supposed to take off until 11:59 pm.

The plane did not take off until 12:18 am. It arrived in Orlando at 7:27 am. Local time.

I got on the Magical Express Bus at 7:49 am.

I got to my room at Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort at 8:43 am.

I took an Uber to Walmart to get supplies. Water, food, and snacks. Then headed to the parks. Epcot to be specific.

I arrived at Test Track at 11 am. I got in line and the ride went down for 2 hours. Maybe my bad luck at rides had something to do with it. I did get on 5 times before 4 pm. I got to ride with my friends Jessa, Emily and Liddy. I also got to ride with Joseph on number 124. Joseph even gave me a Cars magic band.

I went back to the All-Star Sports Resort to get a jacket and get ready for the night at Epcot.

I got back to Epcot at 5:53 pm. I went by guest relations and met up with my friend Rikki. She got another one of the guest relations cast members, and we went on Test Track together. The 126th time. I’m very lucky that I was able to ride with my friends.

After another 2 hour downtime, I got on 8 more times. My total at the end of the day is now 134. A great day 1 of my vacation.

Rikki after ride 126

Adam and Emerson

Jessa and Liddy


Rikki and JD

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