Disney World January 2019: Day 3.

Thursday, January 10th:

This morning it was very cold when I walked out to catch the bus. Forty three degrees. I took the bus to Epcot.

Arrived at Test Track at 9 am. The ride had a late opening. The ride was up and running at 9:20 am. I was able to ride 19 times before 2:15 pm.

I got on the Monorail and headed to Magic Kingdom. I went on Big Thunder Railroad. It is way better than Disneyland’s version. At least 2 times as long. I met up with my friends Heather and Jon and we went on Haunted Mansion. I then took the bus to Animal Kingdom.

I saw my Friend Laura. She is a coordinator for the “Rivers of Light” Show. Great to see her. She also used to work Test Track.

I took the bus back to Epcot. I got to Test Track at 6:55 pm. I got on 11 more times before the park closed at 9 pm. Including number 175. I’m now at 181.

Liz, Marie and Alan


Christina and Ginger

Big Thunder

Jon and Heather at Haunted Mansion

Animal Kingdom


Ride 175





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