Laps per Hour

Today, I’m going to track my laps per hour. From 8am to 9am, I turned 4 laps. 

9am to 10am, 5 laps. The ride broke down twice  from 10am to 11am. Only got on  2 times. I was in a car during the 2nd stoppage of this hour. 
Only was able to get 1 lap from 11am to 12pm. Single rider line was a bit crowded.
 12pm to 1pm got me 3 laps. 
Then 1pm to 2pm only 2 laps. 
Between 2pm and 3pm was another ride stoppage. So only 1 lap for that hour. 3pm – 4pm, only 1 lap . Single rider line crowded:(
 4pm to 5pm. Only 1. Hope this won’t last. 2 laps from 5pm to 6pm. This has to get better! 
6pm to 7pm, 2 laps. 
The ride broke down twice during the 7pm to 8pm hour. The ride is in a bad mood today. Turned 2 laps in that hour.
From 8pm to 9pm was able to turn only 1 lap. Single rider line packed.
And during the last hour was able to ride 2 times. 29 total laps for today

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