New Year’s Eve 2016, Racers and Tower. And friends who have moved on

Once again I need a number of rides on Racers to hit a goal. It could be too crowded to get 45 laps to hit 8400. But if I can get on Racers 8 more times, I’ll have a new 1-year record. Last year I was on Racers 2795 times. I’m currently at 2788 for the year.

Before the activities of New’s Year Eve, I want to talk about 3 cast members who moved on to other adventures.

This year, Destiny S., Allison M., and Tracie L., had to leave Disney for various reasons.

Destiny was one of the first Bellhops that friended me at Tower of Terror. She was always welcoming and gladly took pictures with me. I even got to ride a few times with her and the other Bellhops.

Allison worked at Racers and Luigi’s. We always had talked about the latest movies and she made sure we got the ride sign photos.

I call Tracie my “goofy little sister”. She also worked at Racers and Luigi’s. She always had a way of making sure the attention I’m getting did not go to my head. She would tease me about stuff all the time. Once was when I had to buy a poncho the day it rained hard and I had no rain gear.

I will miss these 3 fine ladies. They are part of the reason I keep coming back to achieve the ride goals I’ve set.

Now for New Year’s Eve:

I was able to come in with the Extra Magic Morning guests. I got to Radiator Springs Racers at 7:15 am. By 10:22 am I got the 12 rides I needed to hit the 2800 ride total for one year. I took pictures along the way with my cast member friends. No rain in sight. So now every lap I get is gravy. Took my first break at 10:27 am.

I got on 5 more times before the ride went down from 11:55 am until 12:33 pm. I was in a car at race start when the attraction went down.

I was able to ride 25 times before the rain came at 2:45 pm. Luckily, I had my Disney poncho. Still not fun to race in the rain. Heather and her boyfriend, Jon, got to ride with me for my 27th time today.

I took a break from 4 pm to 5 pm and went on Tower of Terror twice. That brought my total to 275 times.

I came back to Racers. By 7:27 pm, I had 35 rides for the day. And that will do it for Racers. I reached 8390 all time and 2823 for the year.

I went back to Tower to finish off the night. I saw Lisa B.  and Jessica M. on my way to the elevator. Great to see my Bellhop friends. I took 7 trips to the 13th floor today. I’m now at 280 times on Tower.

I left DCA about 9:30 pm. It was a cold and raining day. Back on Monday to spend the whole day at Tower. It will be the last day for the attraction. Also going to bring cookies to my Bellhop friends.












John G.




Carolyn and Teara




Bethanie and Kristen


Lainie and Chris



Carlos and Yesenia





Tony and Jessica








In the back row, Jon, Heather and myself





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