Racers 2018: Highlights, Photos and Statistics

Another great year at Radiator Springs Racers. The ride total was down from recent years. I got on Racers 1166 times but had some of the best milestones in years.

One of my favorite milestones was the 11,000th ride. I asked my friends if they would dressed up like me and they were kind enough to fulfill my request.

Something really great also took place. The producers from the Disney Digital Network approaches me on a series about Disney People. They felt my Racers Adventures was something they wanted to feature in one of the 6 stories. I felt very excited and humbled that they thought my story was worthy of this tribute. I want to thank Alex and his crew for everything. They truly made me feel special and Disney Special.

I also got to ride 11,111 with my friends from Oregon. Tara, Mary, and Mark Cree. Tara likes the numbers that are all the same. Carmen was also able to join us for the unique lap.

I went from 10,200 to 11,300 in the year.

Here are the highlight photos. The overall statistics will follow after.

The 11,000 ride with left to right: Heather, Amanda, Catalina, Natalie and Carlene

The crew from Disney People

Michelle and her family got to ride with me for the 10,750 ride

Ride 11,111 with left to right: Mary, Mark, Tara and Carlene.

Alessa and Teddy



Catalina and Jason


Heather, Jon, Tara and Carlene

Aimee, Nadine, Grant and Mel

Carlene and Catalina





Jon and Heather

Here are the overall racing statistics:

I did not start keeping track of wins, losses, Ramone or Luigi; for side of race and colors until 2014. So here are those numbers after the first 372 rides. These totals will add up to 10,939.

5787 wins and 5152 losses

Ramone 5453 total 2947 wins 2506 losses

Luigi 5486 total 2836 wins 2650 losses


Red 1691: 932 wins 759 losses

Silver 1625: 875 wins 750 losses

Teal 1485: 737 wins 748 losses

Blue 1246: 654 wins 592 losses

Yellow 1244: 682 wins 562 losses

Cranberry 1236: 629 wins 607 losses

Purple 1206: 642 wins 564 losses

Green 1206: 629 wins 577 losses

Overall rides by month of the year.


This total will be 11,311 the overall number to date.

January: 765

February: 760

March: 784

April: 714

May: 910

June: 968

July: 994

August: 1009

September: 1283

October: 1148

November: 683

December: 1293


I’ve been to Radiator Springs Racers 865 days for an average of 13.07 rides per visit.

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