Radiator Springs Racers at Disney California Adventure

I’m starting this blog to track my quest to ride Radiator Springs Racers 1000 times this year. I go through the single rider line to get on the ride. I rode Racers 316 times last year. I keep track of my progress on a little note pad. I write down the number of ride, the lane for the race, and if my car wins or losses the race. 

From last year. With Pit Crew members Carlene, Ruth, Mark and Phil .

Pit crew member Erika

Note pad where I keep track of ride number, color of car, lane of race and if my car won or loss race.

Pit Crew friends,Brett, Katie and Brian

Friends from work, John, Lou, Dora, Anna, Heather and Mike when they gave me The Piston Cup for riding racers 500 times this year.

Photo with Carina in place of Mike.

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