The Rebel Challenge

I’ve done a few Disney Run events. I think 3- 5K events. One 10K and one-half marathon. When I saw the yearly Star Wars run was coming up, I wanted to test myself. I had never done a 10K on Saturday, followed by a Half Marathon on Sunday. The Star Wars Rebel Challenge is that event. I do most of my walking at Racers. So I had to train if I wanted to complete these back to back races. With my double knee replacement, I’m not supposed to run. So I walk the events. I did one workout per week, leading up to the Challenge. I worked up to 12 miles, 2 weeks out and a 5 mile and 6-mile walk, the week before.

I arrived for the Star Wars 10K at 4 am. I went into the Racer corral at 4:30 am. My friends Catalina and Deane S., joined up with me a few minutes later. We were in the front of Corral G, the last corral. Corral A started at 5:30 am. We started at 6:10 am. We did the first 5K in 47 minutes and an average of 15:21 per mile. We then slowed it way down. Doing the 10K in 1:40:38. Average of 16:12 per mile. The big race was the 1/2 marathon. So tried to save some energy for the next day. Always running in the 10K was my friends Heather and Jon. Also my cousin Natalie from Utah. They all had fun in their runs.

On Sunday, I got to the corral at 4:10 am. Catalina and Deane met me there at 4:25 am. We were in corral J, the last corral. But we were in the front again. Our corral did not start the race until 6:30 am. We took off strong. We did the first 5K in 44 minutes, an average of 14:12 per mile. We took about a 4-minute bathroom break right after mile 4. The clock did not stop. We got to the 10K mark at 1:33:45, for an average of 15:59 per mile. At the 15K mark, we had a 15:46 mile pace.

We were tired but found a way to spend it up a little bit towards the finish. We crossed the finish line in 3:23:25, an average of 15:31 per mile.

The Tinkerbell Half Marathon took me 3 hours and 33 minutes. So I beat my old time by 10 minutes. Tinkerbell had some hills and a bunch of bottlenecks inside the parks.

Along the way, I got a text message from my friend Angela S., from Seattle. Right when we finished, I got texts from my friends Tara C. and Carlene B. They all asked how things went. I always love the support from friends. Also got words of encouragement from cast members inside the park and at the finish line. It was great to see Jamie, Lisa, Aubree, and Mark. Of course, I had to get pictures with them.

It was a great 2-day event. It was fun walking with Catalina and Deane. It makes the distance go by quicker when you are with your friends.

We’ll see what the future holds in these events. They are getting a little expensive and you have to sign up over 6 months in advance. I may do a couple 10Ks before ever trying a challenge again.


I’m at 8479 at Racers. Back racing on Monday.

Deane and Catalina after the half marathon 

At the 10K finish


Natalie, Heather, Jon, Catalina, and Deane after 10K

Half Marathon finish


Catalina and Deane after 1/2 Marathon








Mark, Jamie and Catalina photobombing


In the Star Wars trash compactor


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