Tough Day

I’m  The day started out good. Met a nice family from Idaho before the  Park opened. Got to the ride just after 10am and got on guick. Then it slowed way down. Only 3 laps as of 11:30am. Single rider line was crowded.

I need 31 laps to reach 1600 for the year. It cleared up a bit and was able to get in 9 more laps before 2pm. 
Then it got slow again. Sometimes you just can’t figure on the crowds going to the attraction:( Was able to go 3 more laps before 3pm. Now at 15 for the day.
I got some added assistant from Katie Williams,  Adam Magana and Katharine Forman for 5 laps. Thanks a lot. Now at 4:30 pm I have 22 laps for the day. I need 8 more to reach 1600.
From 4:30pm til 6:15pm, I got 4 more laps. I know need 4 more to reach 1600 and the park closes at 8:00pm.
It’s now 6:54pm and single rider line is to the 2nd bridge. I need 3 more laps. Does not look good. 
Got off ride at 8:05pm on my 1599 lap for year. Not in the cards for me today.will try again tomorrow.

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