On Monday October 20th, I was able to turn 25 laps at Radiator Springs Racers. From 7:15 am to 12:30pm. 

I went home and changed into a suit and tie for the Disneyland Halloween Party. I dressed as Walt Disney. I got the idea from Katharine Forman from Racers.
I was waiting for my friends, Ken and Sandra White to meet me at The Pizza Port. Minnie Mouse was taking pictures. I went to get a photo and she recognized me as Walt and gave me a big hug.
The rest of the evening, a lot of cast members saw I was dressed as Walt. Some of the comments included, ” Look busy, the boss is here.” “The best costume here”. A lot of of people called me Walt all night long. I really had a lot of fun. Even a Stormtropper gave me a thumbs up. And I got over 10 pounds of candy.

Sandra and Ken White

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