What a day

 Yesterday started out bad. I made a sign for my 1000 lap but it did not pass security check. Too big. I took sign back to my car then drove to WalMart to get supplies to make my normal sign. When I got to the ride just after 8am, they had a power shut-off.

They were back up after 9:30 and I started riding . 6 laps to go. After the race on lap 999, I got out of my car to find several Pit Crew members waiting for me. We loaded up the car with Carlene, myself and Ruth in the front seat and Andres, John and Eddie in the back seat. Found out the car is the John Lassiter car. Red 1. It was a great ride. I held up my 1000 sign in the station and everyone clapped. I also  held up the sign during the whole race. We won the race. Of course we did not race against anyone. When we got back, they gave me a Piston Cup with 1000 laps engraved on the plaque. Also a cartoon poster and a poster signed by the Pit Crew. I also got a copy of the ride photo. I will treasure the signed poster the most. I know I’ve said it numerous times but I probably wouldn’t of had a fun journey to 1000 without the Pit Crew. They have treated me with kindness and respect. I also felt them pulling for me and very supportive. I’m lucky to call them friends. Whenever I showed up at the ride, they always smiled and talked to me. They are the best and do not get paid enough. Keep up the great work Pit Crew friends.

The 1000 ride.

Sign that did not pass security check

The cartoon poster, Piston Cup and signed by Pit Crew drawing.

A group shot with Pit Crew.

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