Monday July 9th, 2018:

Arrived at Disney California Adventure Park at 7am. I waited for the gates to open at 7:30am.

I was 16 rides away from reaching the 10,600 mark at Radiator Springs Racers.

The temperature at gate opening was 78 degrees. It was supposed to be a hot and humid day.

When I came into the park, I found out that Racers was down. A track switch issue. So, I headed to Guardians of The Galaxy: Mission Breakout.

I got photos with Teo and Maria at rope drop. I also got a selfie with Wendy.

I got a Fastpass for Guardians for 8am. Another for 8:10am and one for 8:25am. I saw my good friend Amanda as I came into the Guardians store . She was working there. It has been awhile since I got to visit with her. Of course we took a couple selfies. I miss seeing her.

I got a photo with Andy before ride 402. Got a 4th Fastpass for 8:45am. Then another for 9am. I sure love the Max Pass System. Got another Fastpass for 9:30am.

After my 5th time on Guardians, I saw that Racers was finally open. After using my 9:30am Fastpass, I headed over to Racers.

I arrived at Racers at 9:59am. I got on the ride 6 times by 11:58am. That brought my ride total to 10,590.

I took a brief break and got back in Racers Single Rider line at 12:11pm. The temperature was 93 degrees.

It took until 1:37pm to get on 2 more times. So I took another break.

I had a Fastpass for Guardians at 1:50pm. I took my 7th gantry left Ride for the day.

I got back to Racers at 2:18pm. The temperature was 89 degrees.

Got in one ride to reach 10,593. The single rider line was 40 minutes long. So I took another break at 3:03pm.

I got back to Racers at 5:27pm. Took 2 more laps to reach 10,595. I had one more Fastpass for Guardians. I took gantry lift number 8 for the day. That brought my total to 408.

I returned to Racers at 7:11pm. The temperature was 80 degrees with 54% humidity. I got one more ride in for the day. Twelve total rides to reach 10,596. I need 4 rides on Tuesday to hit 10,600.

Tuesday July 10th, 2018:

I arrived at the Mickey and Friends parking structure at 6am. I got to DCA entrance at 7am. The temperature was 74 degrees and 79% humidity. Already melting.

I got a Fastpass for Guardians at 8:30. But headed to Racers at 8am. Fingers crossed the ride will cooperate today.

I was in the 2nd car in the station but first across the finish line. Three rides to go.

After the 2nd ride, I cancelled my Guardians Fastpass for 8:30am. I wanted to stay at Racers until I hit the milestone.

At 8:45am, I took my 10,600 ride on Racers. I got to ride with my friends Jason and Catalina. We lost the race but that doesn’t matter. I got to ride with my friends on the big lap. Thanks to Mikey and Jason for setting it up.

I got a selfie with Jason and Catalina after the race. Then Mikey, Jennifer, and Rosanna.

I then went over to Guardians to use my 9;20am Fastpass. I got a photo with Amanda as I walked through the store. I had a Fastpass for 9:50am and used that also.

I got back to Racers at 10:21am. The temperature was 80 degrees and 60% humidity. One ride and a visit with Carolyn. Back to the ride at 11:17am. The humidity is now 49% and 85 degrees. It feels like an oven.

Got selfies with Heyse, Meli, Brittany , Kelly, and Sarah, along the way. 15 rides today with a new total of 10,611.

As I was leaving the park , my friend Sasha ran up to me, to say hi. We got a selfie. Always great to see her.

The ride was awesome today. Not one downtime. I think the ride wanted me to reach this milestone today. KA CHOW.


Catalina and Jason in the 10,600 car

Jason and Catalina post race

Maria and Teo




Aimee and Jessie

Lightning McQueen









Brittany, Meli, and Mikey




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