Friday, July 6th:

I arrived at the Mickey and Friends parking structure at 6 pm. I came to the resort after I got off work at 4:30 pm. The temperature gauge in my car showed 108 degrees.

I got inside the park at 6:20 pm. I went by Guardians to drop off some goodies I made for the crew.

Then I went by Luigi’s to meet my friend Heather. We took a selfie. Also saw Katie on my way to Racers. Racers was down. They blamed me of course. I guess when I park my car, I’m close enough for the ride to sense I’m around.

I walked around a little bit and got a ride on Monster’s Inc.

I walked by the food truck by the Hyperion Theatre and saw they had “tot-chos”. They are tater tots with chili and cheese on top. One of my favorite food items. But they are only on sale on the weekend. So, I had to get some. So delicious.

Got over to Racers at 8:20 pm. I was able to ride 4 times. My total is now 10,584. I hope to get 16 more rides on Monday to hit 10,600.

The temperature was 96 degrees when I walked over to Guardians at 9:20 pm. I met with my friend Natalie. She has been on Guardians 256 times. We waited out front for the ride to close for the evening. After all the guests were off the ride, Natalie and I got to ride with the Guardians cast members for my 400th time. And Natalie’s 257th time. Sarah, Lisa, Meg, Astrid, and Yafiet were the Guardian’s Crew, We got to celebrate with. Special thanks to Sarah for setting up this special magic. It may have been a small group but these guys and gals are some of my best friends at the park. I’m very lucky to get a ride with them. We took Gantry Lift,”Lower “Bravo” as we listened to “Give Up The Funk”.

Thanks, everyone for their continued support towards 1,000 rides. Everyone has been great.

The 400 ride with Left to Right: Astrid, Meg, Natalie, Sarah, Yafiet, and Lisa

Temperature gauge in my car at 6 pm

Heather Katie

Left to right: Grant, Jessie, Isabel, Jonah, Sandra, David, Aimee and Kristi

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