Monday, July 30th:

I was not planning on doing a post for 10,700. Frankly, I did not think I could get in 20 rides today. That would bring to a total of 10,700 rides on Radiator Springs Racers.

I got to Racers when the park opened at 8 am. I was able to get 5 rides by 9:10 am.

I went over to Guardians of The Galaxy: Mission Breakout. I went on the ride twice. I stopped by the Sarge store to say hi to my friends Amanda and Zola.

Back to Racers at 9:55 am. After a short downtime for a single car faulting, I got on 5 more times before the ride went down again. One more ride to reach 11 for the day. It was now 12:16 pm. I also got to ride with Rosanna and her family.

Another break to go on Guardians.

Back to Racers at 12:48 pm. Four more rides brought my total to 10,695.

I used another Fastpass for Guardians. This was my 4th ride of the day.

Back to Racers at 4 pm. The single rider line was now a 40-minute wait. And it was 91 degrees. Plus 35 percent humidity. I turned 4 more “laps” to reach 10,699. This was at 6:45 pm.

I took a long break this time. I went on Guardians for the 5th time today. My total is now 420.

I ate dinner at Flo’s. The Fried Chicken is pretty good. As I was eating, a mom and her son came up to me and ask for a picture. Three of the workers at Flo’s, also came up to talk to me for a few minutes. They asked if I was the guy who has been on Racers a bunch of times. I always enjoy talking about my Racers adventures.

I walked by “Off The Page ” and saw my friend, Sasha. We got a goofy photo.

Back to Racers at 9:35 pm. I waited for the ride to close. There was a short downtime after 10 pm. But they were able to get the cars rolling again after about 10 minutes. At 10:51 pm, I got to ride with my Cast Member Friends Cameron and Jonah. This was ride number 10,700. Shortly after we crossed the finish line my hat got blown forward into the front seat. I’m glad it did not go backward and land in the track.

I’m very lucky every time I get to ride with my friends. I want to thank Cidney and Josh for the “Disney Magic”.

Cameron and Jonah for 10,700

Rosanna and her family

Amanda and ZolaSasha


Kristen and Norma





Meli and Jared

Alyssa and Jimmy


Heyse and Samantha

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