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I was contacted a few weeks ago by Alex from Disney Digital Network. He told me they are doing a series on “Disney People” They saw my Instagram page and blog. They thought I might be a person to feature. I talked to Alex on the phone and it took off from there. A week later he sent me a shooting schedule. They first came to our house on January 6th. They had my mom sign a contract to use the house for shooting interviews with my Mom, brother Jerry and myself. Alex, 2 camera operators and one other producer talked to us. They all liked the set up of our living room space.

On January 9th, the full crew came to do the interviews. It was a bit overwhelming for my Mom. She never had so many people in her house, moving things around and taking pictures off the wall. The set designer took pictures of everything. They were very careful moving things and put everything back into place when they were finished. They even set up craft services in the backyard for breakfast and lunch.

They interviewed me first. It lasted about 2 hours. We went over the reasons why I loved Disneyland as a kid and the history of my Radiator Springs Racers Adventure. We really went deep about my feelings. I opened up about how it felt to have Gastric Bypass, Double Knee replacement and how this attraction came along at the right time in my life. Also how I think of the cast members as my second family.

They also interviewed my Mom and brother for a little bit. After lunch, we went over the gifts I’ve gotten from the ride and how I keep track of my rides. I also made a sign for the ride I was about to reach. The crew was there from 10 am to 8 pm. A full day of shooting. I know they got what they were looking for. My Mom was glad when they returned her furniture back to its original locations.

The next shoot day was set up for August 14th at Disney California Adventure.

I met the video crew about 12:40 pm. They had me walk down by Hyperion and back to Carthay Circle. We went over to Cars land next. They wanted a family to ride in the car with me. I had some friends down from Washington and told the producers they would be great. My friend Michelle was visiting with her husband Billy and their 2 daughters, Riley and Emma. We all got to ride for my 10,750th ride. They had cameras shoot us as we went over the racetrack humps and also after the finish line. We got to ride twice so they could get enough footage.

The producers set up to interview one of my Cast Member Friends, Catalina. I asked them if Carlene could also be interviewed. As we were walking with Catalina, I saw Carlene by single rider exit. I asked the Disney Representative if Carlene could also join us. She had Catalina go ask if she could be excused to join us. The Leads at the attraction said she could. I was very happy they both were interviewed. They are my favorite Cast Members. They help opened the attraction and have been great friends in this adventure. The 3 of us had a little bit we did on camera when they were done being interviewed.

After Carlene and Catalina were released back to work, the video crew got video of me and the 10,750 sign. I made a Disney People sign. They also wanted some video of that sign. I also walked down “Route 66″ holding a GoPro camera. They also got other tracking shots in Cars Land. A few last questions about my journey and I was ” wrapped” just after 3 pm.

It was a great day shooting at my favorite attraction. It seemed everything fell into place with Michelle and her family getting to ride with me and having my 2 favorite “sisters” being interviewed.

Disney Digital still have 5 more people to interview. So I’ll make sure to let everyone know when the final video is ready to view. I can’t wait. Thanks to all the crew. They were so nice during the whole process.

The cameras that were videotaping me at my house

The crew

Billy, Riley, Emma, and Michelle in the 10,750 car

Our car as we drove by

Photos of the Disney Digital Crew

Michelle getting photos as we get ready to ride

The crew and the Disney People sign

Rachel from Ohmydisney

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