Another 1000 rides at Radiator Springs Racers means another milestone. This time 11,000. It has taken 6 Years, 4 Months and 5 days to reach 11,000 rides. I came to the attraction 847 days averaging exactly 13 rides a day. My first day at Racers was on June 10th, 2012, on a preview day. I was on the ride 7 times that day.

The most important part of the 1,000 ride days, are the friends that join me for the milestone.

Here are the reasons I asked these friends to join me.:

Carlene Beckius and Catalina Simpson: These 2 ladies have been my favorites from the start of this crazy adventure. I started to get to know them at the end of 2013 into 2014. Carlene was in the first Cast Member picture I ever took at Racers. Carlene was also in my first 1,000 ride. When I got to 2,000, Carlene and Catalina were able to share in the milestone. Carlene came in on her day off, to ride with me for 3,000. They both then joined me for 4,000 to 10,000. Catalina only missed at 9,000. She had something more important to attend to. The pregnancy of her daughter, Sierra. When she told me she could not join us in the 9,000 car I knew this meant she was pregnant.

It has been great to get to know these young ladies. They have supported me in this adventure and are a big reason I keep putting up more rides. I could not do any milestone from here on out without these 2. They both know how much they mean to me. It made my day when they both were interviewed for the upcoming “Disney People” video, coming out in November.

Heather Frost:

I’ve known Heather the longest. We worked together at HRTV, at Santa Anita Race Track. When HRTV was sold to TVG, Heather got a job at Disneyland, working with the Horse Carriage on Main Street. I was also asked to be a groomsman at her wedding with Jon Frost. She and Jon have been great friends. Heather was in the 8,000, 9,000 and 10,000 cars. She also holds one of my GoPro cameras, along with Carlene. I’m also friends with her mom, Dorise. They have welcomed me to join them for special occasions like Christmas Parties and 4th of July get-togethers. Heather even dressed up like me for Mickey’s Halloween Party. She even got picked as the Rebel Spy on Star Tours, looking like me.

We also have a couple first-time milestone riders, Amanda Herrara and Natalie Alvarez.

Amanda Herrera:

Amanda works in the various shops in Disney California Adventure Park. The shops in Carsland, Guardians, Buena Vista Street, Pixar Pier and the shops by Soarin. It is always fun to go visit here. I’ve even got to spend time with her fiancé Mark and her son Ryan. It’s always a great day when I get to say hi to my “sister”.

Natalie Alvarez:

I was waiting outside the entrance to DCA one morning and turned around. Natalie asked me if I was the guy the guy who has been on Racers a bunch of times. I found out she likes Guardians as I do. We’ve even got to ride it a few times together. She got to ride with me and the Cast Members for my 400th ride on Guardians. She is over 330 times herself on the attraction. It was only natural to see if she wanted to join us for the 11,000 on Racers.

All of these friends have been my “little sisters”. I’m very lucky they all want to share in this experience with me.

I got to the park at 7 am. Was able to ride Guardians 9 times during the day and 1 ride at Racers to reach 10,999. I got photos with some of my Cast Member Friends as I was walking around the park. Andrew, Amanda, Yasmin, Megan, and Kelly. Yasmin even told everyone in one of my gantry lifts that I was going to reach 11,000 times on Racers.

After the Disneyland Halloween Party with Heather and Jon, I thought of an idea for the 11,000 ride. I wanted the ladies to wear plaid shirts and mustaches.

At 6:30 pm, I took my 11,000 lap with my “sisters”. We even won the race.

Before the 11,000 ride, we got a photo with all of us holding an 11,000 sign. I think it turned out pretty good. Even Catalina’s daughter Sierra sported a mustache.

I want to thank Jason and Mikey for helping us ride together. The milestones ate extra special with friends helping you along the way.

Next goal for Racers, is to reach 11,111. KA Chow.

Amanda, Heather, Catalina, Natalie, and Carlene

In the car for the 11,000th ride

Catalina, Me, Amanda, Heather, Natalie and Carlene

Amanda, Natalie, Catalina, Heather, and Carlene







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