Mickey’s Halloween Party 2018

Monday, September 24, 2018

I always come to one of the Halloween Parties at Disneyland.

I went into Disney California Adventure Park this morning. I was able to go on Guardians of The Galaxy: Mission Breakout 11 times. I used a Fastpass for every ride. I’m now at 465 times on that attraction. I also got photos with Andrew and Yasmin, who are Guardians Cast Members. I also ran into my friend Berit and got a selfie with her and her boyfriend. I stopped to see my friend Amanda working a pin cart by Little Mermaid. Always great to visit with her.

I got over to Radiator Springs Racers and took 5 laps, on the ride. I’m now at 10,905, on that attraction.

It was then time to go over to Disneyland. I changed my shirt and waited in line outside the entrance gates. They let the guests who had the Halloween Party tickets in at 3:00 pm.

I grabbed a bite to eat at The Galactic Grill. Bacon Cheeseburger and fries.

At 3:30 pm, I walked to Toontown, to line up for early candy distribution.

They let us in at about 4:50 pm to start trick or treating. I went straight to Minnie and Mickey’s Houses. They had 10 candy stations inside. I met my friends Heather and Jon Frost, as I was in line for lap 2 of the candy trail. Jon was dressed as Thor and Heather were dressed as me, Racer Jon. She even had a mustache. Heather and I talked about this 4 weeks ago, when we were eating dinner at The Jazz Kitchen, in Downtown Disney. We were there with Valyn, Justin, Jon and Heather’s Mom, Dorise.

A lot of cast members and guests gave us compliments all night long. Even got comments such as ” you made my day”, ” that is the best costume ever”, and “who is the real Jon”.

We also were joined by Justin and Valyn Hebenstreit. They also did a few candy trails in Toontown with us.

At 6 pm, we left Toontown to hit the other candy spots throughout the park. They had one by Dumbo and 3 on the way from Fantasyland to Big Thunder. We even went on Big Thunder. We also went in the candy trails by The Rivers if America and Splash Mountain. We all went on Haunted Mansion Holiday. Our bags were full, so we dropped them off in our lockers on Main Street. We got fresh empty bags and headed to Tomorrowland. We went on Astro Blasters and Star Tours. Heather was picked as the Rebel Spy. We hit the candy stations in Star Wars: Launch Bay and got a photo with “Rey”. She said Heather and I have a “Force Connection “.

We saw the Halloween Fireworks down by Small World. We then hit the candy stops by Big Thunder one more time. And inside The Golden Horseshoe. We went on Indiana Jones since it was only a five-minute wait.

We finished the night doing laps of the candy inside Mr. Lincoln. This was the second time we went into that location. We made all the way until 11 pm.

It was the best Halloween Party I’ve been to so far. It was topped with Heather dressing like me. It was one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me. Her whole family is truly “My family”. I was even one of the groomsmen at their wedding.

I beat last year’s candy total. I got 10 pounds last year. This year I got 14.4 pounds.

Jon and Heather

Thor and another Racer Jon

Valyn, Thor, Justin and Heather

Rey taking to the 2 Racer Jons

Justin, Me, Rey, Heather, Thor and Valyn

Heather, Rebel Spy

The crowd waiting to get in Toontown



Berit and her boyfriend


The gang by Fantasyland

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