14 in a row and Goofy photos

This year is turning out to be more magical than last year. Yesterday started with win after win after win. The cars I was in won the first 14 races. That is a first for me. I’ve lost 9 in a row and won maybe 7 or 8 in a row. But nothing like that.

I also got to meet the creator of Drama Free Disney Facebook page. Lisa Love Miaorana. She got to see first hand the connection with The Pit Crew. She also was able to get in a car with me. And we won the race. It is great meeting people following my adventure.

And then there is the photos with my Pit Crew family. They keep getting better and more creative. I can tell when they know photos will be taken. They get photo ready and look forward to the shots. They also try to top each other with the goofy shots. They really help the hours fly by as laps are being turned. Some of the crew somehow sneak in photos on my phone when I’m setting up a shot. Which is really cool. I hope I don’t take them away from their jobs too much.

Last year was great with the 1000 and then 2000 stories, but this year seems really special. Maybe because I’m getting to know the cast members better. They are perfect in my eyes. They really treat me as one of their own. When I reach 5000 laps I think the emotions will flow. It has really been a awesome adventure with my brothers and sisters.

Catalina and Carlene
Miley and April
Greg, Carlene, and Marc

Catalina and Carlene sneak photo

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