Started today 13 laps shy of 3700 all time at Radiator Springs Racers. Should not be too much of a struggle.

Arrived at Mickey and Friends parking structure at 6:15am. Parking opened at 6:30am. Saw the trams were not moving, so I walked over to the DCA entrance. I usually do this anyway. Got to entrance at 6:45am. Trying to see if I can get in with the Extra Magic Morning guests at 7:00am.  As I was waiting at the only normal entrance gate, one of the gate attendants gave me an extra magic morning pass for today. SCORE. It always is worth a chance to see if I can get in early. This has happened about 85% of the time.

Today I used this advantage to go on Soarin. Wanted to ride at least once since they updated the show. Movie was crisper but looks like the screen was not updated. Could see outlines in fabric. Got out at 7:18am. Now headed to Racers.Got there at 7:24am. Was able to ride 3 times before regular crowd was let in at 8am. All wins by the way.

Left ride at 8:10am to get World of Color Fastpass. The line for a Fastpass was about 10 minutes. Now headed back to Racers.

Got back to Racers at 8:30am. 10 laps to 3700. 
From 8:30am until 9:50am turned 5 more laps. 4 losses and 1 win. 5 laps to 3700. Lap 3696 at 10:01am. Lap 3697 at 10:18am. At 10:43am, lap 3698. Lap 3699 at 11:18am. Getting back in line for the milestone.
And at 11:49am we hit 3700. I was even in my car Purple 1 and won the race. Now only 1300 more laps to 5000. Of course 4000 is the next big number.
Shou, Mel, and Mikey


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