16 Hour Day at Racers

I arrived at The Mickey and Friends parking structure at 6am. Parking lot opened at 6:30am. I then walked over to Disney California Adventure Park entrance to see if I could come in with the Extra Magic Morning guests. It worked. Came into the park at 7:08am. Got to Racers at 7:13am. 

In the first ride of the day, the cars stopped moving at 7:20am. I was in car next to Sheriff. The delay kept getting longer, waiting for the ride to start back up. Got me thinking how many times I’ve been evacuated from the ride. Twice at Frank’s. Once at tipping tractors. Twice at belt check, once at starting line. Once before crossing finish line. I was walked out under the finish line. So I counted that lap. One time after the race, I was at low bank. And one today at Sheriff. They turned power off and I was taken out. Now the waiting game until they can get the ride operating again. I took a couple selfies with the crew and just hung out waiting. I was first in line when they started to walk us to the load area of the ride at 9:24am. I got in a car at 9:27am. And away we go part 2. Turned 2 laps and at 9:50, the ride powered down again. Maybe the ride is testing me today and wants to see if I can last until 11pm tonight. Challenge accepted.
The ride was running again at 11am. I waited for the single rider line to open up. They let in Fastpass guests first. At 11:05am they opened single rider line. At 11:10am I turned lap 3 for the day. At 11:49, lap 4 for the day was completed. Then the single rider line was all the way to the front entrance. I visited with cast member Catalina, who was at single rider entrance. Then at 12:12pm, I got back in line. By 1:50pm, I was at 6 laps for today. About ready to take my first break for the day. Took break from 2:35 to 3:10pm after lap 7. 
At 5:30pm, I turned lap 10 for the day. Five and a half hours to go. At 6:40pm, lap 11 was achieved.
Lap 12 at 7:30pm.
Lap 13 at 8:31pm.
Lap 14 at 9:22pm.
Lap 15 at 10:00pm.
Lap 16 at 10:23pm.
And using my readmission pass from this mornings evact, lap 17 at 10:45pm. I’m tired. I need days like these to see if I really want to reach my racers goals. 
I need to bake cookies for the Crew in a couple weeks.

Ivan, Andrew and Doug

Mary, April and Teddi

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