5000 Newspaper Article and Year End Goals

On Monday November 16th, I got a Facebook message from Keith Sharon, a reporter from the Orange County Register. I was at Radiator Springs Racers at the time. He wanted to meet up and talk to me about my 5000 laps. We got together at Flo’s Cafe in California Adventure. We talked for about a hour. We went over my back story and how I came to turning 5000 laps at Racers. We also got on the ride together. I was in the front row and Keith in the back row. He also got to see how I interact with the cast members. He came to understand the fact that I continue to turn laps at Racers because of the great support and encouragement from my Pit Crew friends. 

The next day, the newspaper photographer met me at the ride. We walked in the single rider line and got in a car twice. He sat in the front row and I was in the back both times. He took several shots of me on the ride. He also got a shot of me as cars raced behind me. And shots of my little notebook. You’ll see the photos in the article. Here is the link to the story.http://www.ocregister.com/articles/hale-692628-cast-disney.html
Now, what is going to happen the rest of this year? Some cast members are asking me what my next goal will be.
I have two goals to finish off this year. One will be fairly easy. The second goal may not happen.
Goal number 1: reach 2600 laps for this year. I’m currently at 2355. Only 245 laps to reach this goal. 
Goal number 2: reach 5500 laps all time by the end of year. This one will be tough. I’m currently at 5127. 373 laps to hit this goal.
So let’s see how the year will end. Everyone’s support will be needed as always. The encouragement from cast members and Facebook friends will keep me focused. 

Photo courtesy of OC Register 

Photo courtesy of OC Register 

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