2200 and Purple 1

I came into this week hoping to reach 2200 laps by the end of Thursday. It looks like I will reach that number today.

I was able to ride 26 times on Monday and even with a 90 minute shutdown on Tuesday, I turned 28 laps. I need 21 laps today to reach 2200. 
On another note, a few weeks back, as I was getting out the Purple 1 car, cast member Monique Sevilla said “that’s your car.” The initials on Purple 1 are J H. The birthday is off though. Since  lap 1454, I started keeping track of the number of the colored car I ride in. I went back and my record on Purple 1 is 10 wins and 14 losses.
Pit Crew member Andrew DuMolt showed me the list for the number of cars per color.
They are as follows: Red has 6 cars, Silver and Teal have 5 cars. And Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple and Cranberry have 4 cars each. That’s a total of 36 cars.
Now back to what we are here for today. Countdown to 2200 laps.
Was allowed to once again come  in with the Extra Magic Morning guests.
The ride opened at about 7:25am. I turned 3 laps before 8am.
From 8am to 9am, I turned 5 more laps.
From 9am until 10am, I added 4 more laps. 9 laps to 2200.
From 10am to 11am, 4 more laps. Only 5 laps to go. Earlier this year, Pit Crew member Sheri Bordeaux nicknamed the single rider line The Jon Hale Expresseway. It sure has been that way this week.
From 11am to 12pm, I turned 3 laps.
2 to go. At 12:20 got lap 2199 and at 12:40pm, the magic happened again. 2200. It has been a great week at Racers .



Annette and Christina

T J and Andrew

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