Stats at 2125

Here are the updated statistics for 2125 laps at Radiator Springs Racers.

Overall record is 1091 wins and 1034 losses.
By lane of race:
Luigi total races 1052 with record of 527-525
Ramone total races 1073 with record of 564-509
Now by color of car:
Silver: 338 and record of 175-163
Red: 307 and record of 158-149
Yellow: 288 and record of 157-131
Teal: 324 and record of 148-175
Cranberry: 233 and record of 127-106
Green: 226 and record of 116-110
Blue: 231 and record of 111-120
Purple: 178 and record of 96-82
Winning records in Silver, Red, Yellow, Green, Purple and Cranberry.
Losing colors are Teal and Blue.
3 weeks to see how many laps I can add to my total for year.

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