2300 today

Today started out good. Came in with Extra Magic morning people. As I walked to Racers, I dropped off cookies at Mater’s and Luigi Tires for the cast members. I got to Racers and dropped off cookies to the ride photo crew and then to The Pit Crew. I also gave them a photo album of all the photos I’ve taken with them this year. I called it “My year at Racers: Part 1. I’ll give them Part 2 after the new year.

I’ve noticed 1 trend in my racing this year. If there is no one in the single rider line, I will cycle around and get in the exact same car I was just in. This as happened about 20 times this year. And it happened again today. I got in Yellow # 1, 3 times in a row. Hopefully that will be a good omen for today. Another good omen is when I win my first race of the day. Today I won the first 5 races. We will see if this will be my 2300 lap day.
I got on 3 times before 8am.
From 8am to 9am, I turned  3 laps.
From 9am to 10am, 4 laps. Only 14 more to reach 2300.
From 10am to 11am, I turned 2 laps. I took a short break during this hour.
11am to 12pm: 2 laps. 10 to 2300.
12pm to 1pm: 2 laps. 
1pm to 2pm: 2 laps.
2pm to 3pm: 2 laps. Now at 2296. 
3pm to 4pm: the ride broke down for 10 minutes. Started up again. I was loaded in a car and at belts the ride shutdown again. This time for 40 minutes. I always seem to be in the backseat when I’m stuck in a car. There is more legroom in the front row. So only 1 lap.
At 4pm, I finally took a food break. I did get 1 lap.
At 5:15pm, turned lap 2299 and at 5:35pm I turned lap 2300. KA Chow 
Only 100 laps to go. It is 6:30pm and I got 1 more lap to reach 2301. I’ll stay until 10pm.

Nina, Sonjia

Jason. Will


Jonathan, Brendon




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