Stats at 2330 and Mystery Car

Here are the statistics for my Racers laps as of 2330.

Overall record is 1198 wins and 1132 losses.
I’ve been on Ramone’s side for the race 1176 times and record of 623-553.
On Luigi’s side of race, I’ve been on 1154 and a record of 575-579.
Now by color of car:
Silver: 370 times and won-loss record of 187-183.
Teal: 344 times and record of 159-185.
Red: 335 times and record of 171-164.
Yellow: 314 times and record of 171-143.
Cranberry: 267 times and record of 148-119.
Blue: 250 times and record of 121-129.
Green: 243 times and record of 126-117.
Purple: 207 times and record of 113-94.
Winning records in Silver, Red, Yellow, Cranberry, Green, and Purple. Losing records in Teal and Blue. 
I’ve been to California Adventure 207 times this year. My average laps would break down as 11.25 laps per day. 
I will write a post everyday starting Monday to track the final 3 days of the year. I hope I can reach 2400 laps.
I did come to Racers after work today. I knew ahead of time it was crowded and single rider line was about a 50 minute wait. I turned 2 laps. That is 2 less laps I need to get next week. Now at 2332 for year. 68 to go.
Now for the mystery:
This photo is the backside of the entrance to the attraction. Some of the cast members told me they do not know when this first appeared. Almost like it was put in overnight. It looks pretty cool.

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