I need 8 laps to reach 4200 at Radiator Springs Racers. Let’s see how I get there.

I arrived at the Mickey and Friends parking lot at 5:50am. Needless to say, I’m the first in line, when they open the parking lot at 6:30am. I brought with me 4 containers of Snickerdoodles for the Pit  Crew. Two for the AM Crew and two for the PM Crew. Also the 2nd photo album of my shots with the Pit Crew. The album covers from 3600 laps to 4100 laps. And all the fun photos in between those marks.
The parking lot opened on time. I usually walk over but with the weight of the Crew goodies, I took the tram.
Gates opened at 7:30am. I first got a locker ($7.00) because it will be hot and stinky today and I brought a change of shirt. 
We were walked down to Racers at 8am. Not in a hurry. I first dropped off cookies to Photopass Crew and then Pit Crew. Then I started my countdown to 4200.
Lap 4193: 8:11am, Blue #2, Ramone side for race and won.
Lap 4194: 8:16am, Red # 5, Ramone and Won
Lap 4195: 8:29am, Silver # 2, Ramone and Won.
I was walking in line for lap 4196 and a girl and her mom were walking behind me. The girl told her Mom, “that’s the guy”. I talked to them before. Always glad to talk to fans of this adventure. 
Lap 4196: Purple # 1, Luigi side of race. And loss race.
Lap 4197. Yellow # 1, Ramone and Won. Carina was at belts for this lap and said, “well, well. look who it is”. The people in the car asked if I work here. I told them I. I just love the ride and  cast members.
Lap 4198, Yellow # 1, Luigi and Loss
Lap 4199, Yellow # 2, Luigi and Won.
Getting nervous for the milestone lap. Catalina S. Saw a little of this anxiousness  before lap 4000.
Lap 4200: Yellow 3, Luigi and Won. Usually do not win on milestone laps.
Now only 800 more to reach 5000. I’ll spend the rest of the day adding to my lap count. Will also take pictures with the Pit Crew. 
From now on, my posts will be on the milestone laps. Of course if something of interest comes along, I will also post. But next post will be at 4300.

The 4200 lap

Cast members: April,










and Andres.

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