My Favorite Day at Racers

I sitting in my doctor’s office this morning waiting to get the results from my yearly blood test. What better place to get started on my post. 

Last year, on this date, was the 1000 time I got on Racers for the year. I went on the ride 316 times in 2013 and even told a cast member I wanted to get on 400 times in 2014. I kept coming to the attraction and the rides piled up. So on July 21st, 2014, I hit the 1000 lap.
The reason that it is my favorite day at Racers is because of what happened at 1000. I came to find out that they were planning for a few weeks about what they wanted to do. They even had morning roll call meetings about me. Making sure everyone knew when I would hit 1000. The Leads Eddie C. And Eddie O. were the ones organizing the event. 
So the day started out with me needing 6 laps to reach 1000. They kept asking me after each ride, what number I was on. They knew when I got in car 999. I did not know at the time, that they can mark or tag a car to go to the special unload area of the ride. So after lap 999, my car was taken to this area. There were about 10 cast members waiting for me to unload from the car. They then said “we hear you have one more lap to reach 1000”. So 5 cast members got in the car with me. The car, by chance was Red 1, the John Lassiter car. The cast member were Ruth C, myself and Carlene B. In the front row and Eddie C., John G, and Andres L. In the back row. 
A little back story. In 2013, when I got to 300, I had a sign. One of the managers, Kelly M. saw me with the sign. When I got back from my ride, she had the cast members clap for me. I asked if I could get a photo with the crew. In my first photo with the cast members were Carlene, Ruth, Phil P. And Mark R. Just by chance, they were the ones I got a picture with. Ruth and Carlene told me they only knew at the last moment that they would get to ride in car 1000. That really made it special to ride with the 2 girls that were in my very first Pit Crew photo. 
I had a 1000 sign and as we went through the unload area. The cast members were clapping. When we finished the ride, I got pictures with the Crew. They also gave me a Piston Cup with 1000 laps engraved on it. A drawing of the outside area of Radiator Springs. They had members from the Animation Academy make the drawing. The cast members signed the drawing. And Eddie C. made a Cars art piece. I truly felt spoiled. I was happy to just ride with the Pit Crew. Everything else was a bonus.
I will always treasure this time. It was a moment just between my Pit Crew friends and me. We know how it has gotten crazy ever since. I knew getting close to 1000 how they felt about me. But this sealed the deal. I truly felt part of the Racers family after this day. I’ve even saw and heard comments like, ” we love Jon at Racers. Jon works here, he just doesn’t get paid”. They also tease me how the break downs and weather delays are my fault. They keep me grounded with all the attention I get from Racers fans. I’m sure they know how much I love them and value their friendship. They always have my back as I have theirs. The new cast members are introduced to me. Like its part of the training process to know about me. Which is very cool. I can get a little emotional when I think how much they all  light up when I’m around. I even like the down times.  This is when I get to know my “brothers and sisters” better and take a lot of selfies.
That moment at 1000, ignited the fire to burn up the laps. A lot of cast members have told me they are glad I did not stop at 1000. From that 1000 moment until today, I’ve been on Racers 2752 times. Kind of put the pedal to the metal since 1000. 
The lap count is not only for me but for every Cast Member. Past, present, or future. What other cast members can say they have a guest that has been on their ride 4124 times. They are right beside me, in spirit, every lap I turn.
To finish up, my blood results. In the doctor’s own words,”your blood is fantastic”. Every category was where it should be. Sugar, kidneys, liver, cholesterol, protein, etc. I guess this means I can keep racing towards 5000 laps.

The 1000 car. In back row left to right: Eddie C., John G., and Andres L.

In front row, left to right: Ruth C., myself and Carlene B.

Art piece made by Eddie C, Piston Cup and drawing by animation academy.

Left to right: Cian, Eddie C., Andres, John G.,me, Carlene, Ruth and Eddie O.

My first ever Racers Cast Members photo. Left to right: Carlene, me, Ruth, Mark R. And Phil P.

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