I need 10 laps (rides) on Radiator Springs Racers to reach 4300 all time. Let’s see how we get there:

I arrived at The Mickey and Friends Parking structure when it opened at 6:30am. I then walked from there to the main gate in front of Disney California Adventure. I was first in line behind entrance gate 41/42. Now I wait until they open the gates at 7:30am. They opened the gates at 7:30am. I went to Starbucks to get a slice of coffee cake. I know some of the cast members that work there. They asked me what number I was at. I showed them my lanyard and told them I’m 10 away from 4300. They were all excited. And wished me luck. I then waited for rope drop at 8am. This is when the park official opens. And on cue at 8am, the Pit Crew members walked the crowd down to the entrance of Racers. Some of the cast members were John G.,April , Carlene, Phil, George, Mikey,and Amos. I waited for the single rider line to open up. Carlene opened the single rider line at 8:10am. And away we go. Dan was at merge. Where the single rider, fastpass and standby line meet up.
Catalina was grouper. She sent me to row 1. A front row load area. I got in car Red 6 at 8:15am. Greg was at belts. My car was on the Ramone side for race and we won. At Unload front was Shou. Unload rear was George. At Unload  assist 1 was Ruth and Unload assit 2 was Mikey. Some of the girls looked ready for photos today. I think it is pretty cool when the crew get dolled up to take a picture with this crazy guy. 

Lap 4292:

Carlene at Single Rider. She gave me a flik card. This card tracks the wait time to get on ride. Mikey at merge and April at merge 2. Grouper was Holden and Dan grouper assist. Sent to row 1. At 8:36am got in car Silver 1. Ruth at belts. Was on Luigi side for race and lost. 
Lap 4293:
Doug at single rider entrance. John G. at merge 3. April: grouper. Sent to row 6. At 8:49am got in car Cranberry 4. Ruth at belts. Luigi side for race and won.
Lap 4294:
Doug: single rider. Brian: merge 3. Carlene: merge 2. Sent to Gwd (groups with disability) area of ride load. David was GWD. Ruth (GWD assist) put me in car Silver 5 at 9:03am. Shou at belts. Ramone side for race and won.
Lap 4295:
Josh: single rider. Brian merge 3. Carlene: grouper. Sent to row 5. At 9:17am got in car Blue 1. At belts was Shou. Luigi side for race. And then we had a traffic jam at start of race. Only took a couple minutes to sort out. Won race but did not race against another car. This has happened a few times.
Lap 4296:
Josh at single rider. Brian at merge 3. Greg at grouper. Sent to row 4. At 9:34am, got in car Purple 3. TJ at belts. Ramone side for race and loss.
Lap 4297:
Brian at single rider. Amanda at merge 3. Doug was grouper. Sent to row 8. At 9:48am, I got in car Green 1. TJ at belts. Ramone side for race and won. 
Lap 4298:
Dan at single rider. Amanda at merge 3. Doug at grouper. Sent to row 5. At 10:10am got in car Purple 4. April at belts. Luigi side for race and won.
Lap 4299:
Ruth at single rider. Christina at merge 3. Josh at grouper. Sent to row 6. At 10:35am, got in car Cranberry 3. Brian at belts. Ramone side for race and loss.
I wanted to talk about all the Pit Crew members the guests interact with as they get on the attraction. It takes all of them to keep the ride moving. I hope I have treated them with the respect they all deserve, on every lap I have taken. They are truly the reason I keep going towards 5000. 
One lap to go.
Lap 4300: Shou at single rider entrance and gave me Flik card. Carlene at merge 3. Sent to GWD. Christina was GWD and April GWD assit. At 11:01am got in car Red 6. Luigi side for race and WON. Lap 4300 in the books. 700 more to reach 5000. Now to get photos with the crew.

Blocked my face. What a goof.











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