First stats for this year

I thought it was time to post some stats for this year.

Last year, I had an average of 11.7 rides per visit to Radiator Springs Racers. This year my average is 16.58 rides per visit.
At the end of August last year, I had a total of 1323 laps at Racers. At the end of August this year, I have 1609 laps. I hope I can keep staying ahead of my pace from last year.
So here are the individual stats for this year.
A total of 1609 laps.
Luigi side for race: 803 times and record of 422 wins and 381 losses.
Ramone side for race: 806 times and record of 400 wins and 406 losses. 
Last year I won more on Ramone and this year it is Luigi.
Now for my records this year by color of car.
Red: 286 times and record of 157-129
Teal: 226 times and record of 105-121
Silver: 206 times and record of 106-100
Purple: 203 times and record of 100-103
Yellow: 195 times and record of 109-86
Green: 170 times and record of 89-81
Blue: 163 times and record of 85-78
Cranberry: 155 times and record of 69-86
Winning cars are Red, Yellow, Silver, Green, and Blue.
Losing in cars Cranberry, Purple and Teal.
I hope to reach 4400 laps all time on Monday. Last year, September was my best month at Racers. I need the same to happen this year. If I can get close to 4700 by the end of the month, I’ll be on track to reach 5000 in November. 

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