Nineteen laps today will get me to 4400 all time at Radiator Springs Racers. Shorter hours now with the fall season. Park open today from 10am until 8pm.

As usual, I walked over from the parking lot. I walked by the starting line for all the Disney races this weekend and got a little  nervous. I’m trying the 5K for the first time ever.
Let’s keep it simple today. After rope drop, I arrived at the attraction at 10:05am. And away we go.
From 10:15am to 11am, 4 laps. Now at 4385.
From 11am to 12pm: 4 more laps. Now at 4389.
From 12pm to 1pm: 5 laps. Now at 4394. Can not walk away now. No break until I hit 4400.
Lap 4395 at 1:10pm.
Lap 4396 at 1:25pm.
Lap 4397 at 1:40pm.
Lap 4398 at 1:58pm.
Lap 4399 at 2:10pm.
Lap 4400: Shou was at single rider entrance. Ruth was at merge and Brian  at merge 2. Got sent to GWD. Carlene  and Teddi at GWD and Grace at GWD assist. At 2:30 pm in Purple 4, on Luigi side of race, I won on lap 4400. 
It was very fitting that on this exact day, 4 years ago, I had double knee replacement. Without that surgery, I probably would not of been on this ride 10 times. Let alone 4400 times. So I have to also thanks my surgeon, Dr. Thomas Bryan. He did both my knees in about 3 hours. The next adventure will be on Friday morning, when I’m taking part in the Dusneyland 5K.



Rosanna, Katie and Angel




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