I need 18 laps at Racers today to reach 4500. Besides trying to get 18 laps, the real test today will be the weather. The weather channel app even has Disney Cars Land setting. So today, I also keep track of the weather along the way. 

I got to the parking structure at 7:45am. It doesn’t even open until 8:30am. I always get here early. I’m reading a Star Wars book to help pass the time. “Heir To The Jedi”.
The parking lot opened on time. I walked over to the DCA entrance. The temperature at 9am is 82 degrees. And humid. This is going to be fun today!!
I met a nice family from Australia waiting for the park gates to open. Gave them one of my blog cards. I’ve met quite a few people from Australia. Waiting for the walk down to Racers at 10am. The temperature is now 86 degrees and 36 percent humidity. 
Got to the ride at 10:03am. Waiting for the single rider line to open.  87 degrees and 42 percent humidity.
Started racing at 10:15am. Got in 2 laps then the ride went down at 10:45am. Hope it is only a single car issue. Turned into full power down. So took a break. Went to Pacific Wharf Cafe and got a turkey club sandwich. No tomatoe, no lettuce and no pesto sauce. Some of the cast members there, have also have been following my journey. At 11:11am the temperature is 91 degrees. 
I went back to Racers to wait out the down time. Talked to cast members Emily, Doug, Catalina, Jeri, and April. Ride still down at 1pm and the temperature is 96 degrees.
The ride opened back up at 1:20pm. I got a Fastpass when stuck in car as ride broke down. So I was the first one to get in a car after the ride opened up. I now need 15 more laps to reach 4500. 
On the next lap, I was racing after the finish line and cast member Catalina saw me and waved. I have seen plenty of cast members at this point of the ride before. But they have all been looking elsewhere as I pass. All these laps and it was not until lap 4486 that a cast member saw me and waved after the race. So cool.
At 2:35pm, I have 8 laps in. 10 to reach 4500. The temperature is now 99 degrees. Toasty. 
At 3:53pm, I’m only 4 laps away from 4500. The temperature is 101 degrees. Time for a break to get water and refreshen up for the photo op. Basically, just changing my shirt.
Back at Racers at 4:17pm.
Lap 4497: Cranberry 3, Ramone side for race and loss at 4:25pm.
Lap 4498: Cranberry 1, Luigi side for race and won at 4:36pm.
Lap 4499: Red 5, Ramone side for race and won at 4:51pm.
Lap 4500: Red 3, Ramone side for race and won at 5:05pm.  The temperature was 98 degrees. After a 2 hour and 30 minute down time, I thought the ride would be packed. It was not. And I flew the 16 laps I needed to reach 4500. Now I’m only 500 from 5000. It’s getting exciting at Racers.

Teresa and Amos

Jeri on her last day at Racers






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