Did not arrived at Radiator Springs Racers until 9:45am today. Had to get my teeth cleaned. The first 7 races were all losses. On lap 8, got my first win for the day. At 12:25pm, I’m now 10 rides away from 4600. No breaks until I reach 4600.

At 1:44pm, 5 more laps are in the book. I’m now at 4595. Not a good win-loss record today. In 13 laps, I’m at 3 wins and 10 losers. Let’s countdown from here:
Lap 4596: Silver 4, Ramone side for race and won. I was in car with family that saw  me last year. They took a photo of me and their kids after the race.
Started to get humid and a longer wait in single rider line. 
Lap 4597: Teal 4, Luigi side for race and loss.
Lap 4598: Silver 4, Luigi side for race and loss. Don’t like this losing today.
Lap 4599: Blue 3, Ramone side for race and another loss.
Lap 4600: Greg at Grouper. Adam grouper assist. Kevin at belts. Silver 3. Ramone side for race and loss at 3:25pm. Took almost 6 hours to reach 18 laps today and hit 4600. Here are the first of the crew photos from today. Still racing until the park closes at 8pm. Only 400 more laps to reach 5000. 







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