Tuesday October 6:

Today I need 32 laps (rides) at Radiator Springs Racers to reach 4800. Could be a bit of a challenge. Yesterday, I was only able to get 21. The ride did break down for about 2 hours. Plus I left early at 5:00pm. I also enjoyed part of the day hanging out with Lisa Love and her 2 kids and Mom, Linda. I got to ride 4 times with them. I also went to Soarin Over California with them during the Racers down time. We also had dinner at Naples, in Downtown Disney. It was great getting to know them better. They truly understand Disney Magic.

Let’s see how today will go. The park opens at 8am. I got to the front gate by 7am.
The ride was not working when the park opened. They had us get in the line at 8:20am and then slowly walked us in. I usually don’t get in Stand By Line,  but did today, so I could get 1 lap in before they open the single rider line. At 8:38am, they started letting people on ride. The first race was a win. Usually that is a good sign for the day. We’ll see how it goes from here.
At 9:46am I got lap number 4 for today. It was also my 2000 lap for this year. I did not reach 2000 until November 17th last year. I know 5000 is the bigger number, but 2000 was very special last year. I hope 5000 will be just as special. At 12:52pm only 12 laps down. Feeling frustrated. Do not think I can get 20 more laps before closing at 8pm. But will stay to find out. 
At 5:50pm, I have 25 laps. Now at 4793. What happened in car 4791 was pretty cool. A mother and daughter from Finland were in the back row of a car with me. The mother asked if I had ever been on the ride before. I showed her my lap count lanyard. She yelled out, ” I saw you on the news in Finland and was just talking to my sister about you”.She took a selfie in the car and a picture after. I also got a photo with my phone. That was pretty awesome. 
At 6:53pm, I had 27 laps for a total of 4795. And the single rider line just grew to a 40 minute wait. So maybe 2 more laps.
Ended up with 29 laps today. Now at 4797. Three short of 4800. Will be back on Friday after work. 
Friday October 9:
Arrived back at Racers on Friday night at 7:47pm. The park is crowded because Disneyland closed for a Halloween event. I got on one lap and by chance unloaded at The GWD area. Cast member, Cameron V. Was there. She was wondering when I was getting here tonight. Her last day at Racers is tomorrow and I wanted to say goodbye. She is going to Nursing school full time. I will truly miss her. She was my Coach at the ride. She had me sign a Racers cap. She had all the cast members and 1 guest sign her hat. 
On lap 4799, I met a family that saw me 6 months ago. They waited until I caught up with them at grouping and Cast Member Jordan, let us get in the same car. 
I got in line for lap 4800 at 9:30pm. At 10:20pm, I got in a green car. The ride then had a full power down after they could not get a faulty car to go. So no 4800 lap today. I told Cast member Jordan that she jinxed it. When the ride went down for the single car fault, Jordan came to my car and wanted the first 4800 photo even though I still needed to complete the lap. After the shot, the full power down occurred. 
Monday October 12:
Have to work at 11am today. So came to DCA and try to get pass 4800, then head to work. Got to gates at 7am to see if they would let me in with Extra Magic Morning group. They let us in with the hotel guests at 7:12am. I got to ride at 7:20am. Got in Blue 3. Luigi side for race and won. Finally hit 4800. Now to move to the next number: 4900. I need to average 66 a week to reach 5000 on November 2nd. It will be a challenge. But I think I can accomplish this goal. Need everyone’s good Karma sent my way to get this done.

Ride with Lisa Love and her kids Olivia and Marco. Also her mom, Linda Love.

Minttu and Janska from Finland

Jordan shot that caused full power down of ride. Just kidding.

Cameron photo on her last day

4800 ride. Sign almost tore in half.

Ruth and Nadine







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