I need 13 laps (times) on Racers today to hit 4900. I took the tram from the Mickey and Friends Parking lot. I usually just walk over, but this could be a long week of work and racing. It all depends on how many laps I can get today. Would like at least 30. Park hours are from 9am until 8pm. I’ll be here for all 11 hours. 

Arrived at Racers at 9:05am. Walked in Stand by line for first lap. Got in first car at 9:09am. And won the first race in Red 6.
In car by waterfall for lap 3 and the whole ride shut down at 9:40am.  Not today. I may need to come a bunch of days before and after work to get close to 5000. 
Back racing at 11:30am. 3 laps so far. Ten from 4900.
At 1:19pm, 8 laps were completed. Now 5 away from 4900. Single rider wait is about 10 minutes.
At 2:10pm, 11 laps in the book for today. Now at 4898. Two to go. 
Lap 4899: In car Teal 3, Luigi side for race, and won.
At 2:59pm, in Car Green 4, Luigi side for race,and won on lap 4900. Now the real fun begins. The last 100 to reach 5000. It will probably be the toughest 100 laps ever. 
I hope those who can, will attend the 5000 lap day on Monday, November 2nd.

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