9200 at Racers and Guardians

I need 14 more rides on Radiator Springs Racers to reach the 9200 mark.

Got to the parking structure at 6:30 am. And it opened at 6:30 am. I walked over to DCA park entrance. Playing Pokémon along the way. I’m currently at level 32. Only 650,000 more XP to reach level 33. I saw my cast member friend, Martha C., waiting in line for a special cast member event to go on Guardians. They let them into the park at 7:13 am.

They opened the gates for guests at 8 am. Was able to get a Fastpass for Guardians. Then got in the standby line. The posted wait time was 75 minutes. But it only took 40 minutes. I got the song , “Born To Be Wild”. A pretty wild ride. Meganne was the Tour Guide who sent us on our mission. Saw Analeen and Andrew at outside entrance for the ride. Got photos with them. Andrew said ” You are lucky to get my photo”. Andrew being Andrew. I got back in line to get another Fastpass. I can get another one at 9:50 am. They may run out before I can get one. So, at 9:51 am I was able to get another Fastpass. I got the time window of 4:05 to 5:05 pm.

I went on Guardians for the 2nd time today with my first Fastpass time of 9:50 am. They only have 2 of the 3 escape pods working today. Hopefully, they will get the 3rd one going later on. I got the song , “I want you Back”. Still missing 2 songs. “Free Ride” and “Hit me with your Best Shot”.

I then walked by Luigi’s to say Happy Birthday to my friend Catalina. Had to get a Birthday photo. She is one of my 2 “Super Heroes”. The other being Carlene. They can decide which Super Hero they are. They both keep me motivated and cheer me on as I work towards my goals at Racers.

I finally got to Racers at 10:36 am. The single rider line was almost at the entrance. It is going to be a challenge to get on 14 times today. The park is open until 10 pm. So maybe there are enough hours to hit the mark.

I turned 2 laps at Racers, then went to get a Fastpass for this evening. My Fastpass for Guardians said I could get the next Fastpass at 11:50am. I saw Jory at Mater’s and got a selfie on the way.

By 12:50 pm, I’ve been in the ride 4 times today. Now I did 10 more to reach 9200. Nine hours to get in 9 rides. Single rider line got to be only a 15 to 25 minute wait.

I reached 9198 at 4:10 pm. Only 2 laps to go.

Time to use my 2nd Fastpass for Guardians. Got over to the Fortress at 4:24pm. Got a photo with my friend Lisa. She was helping with the standby line. When I got inside, Kacie was the Tour Guide who sent us on our mission. This time, I got “Free Ride”. A very wild ride. I loved it. Now I only need “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”, to complete the list. On the way out I got photos with my friends Danielle and Giselle. Love getting photos with my friends, in their new uniforms.

Returned to Racers at 5:07 pm. Only 2 rides to go. The single rider line increased to a 35 to 40 minute wait time. Got on for ride 9199 at 5:33 pm.

Got back in Single Rider line st 5:57 pm. And at 6:32 pm, the magic happened again. Ride 9200. In Green 2. In the back row, Ramone’s side for race and won the race. Then started to get photos with my friends. Catalina was the first. It was 14 rides early, but she deserved it on her Birthday. I will always remember when I reached 9200. On Catalina’s 33rd Birthday. Then  photos with Jason, Todd, Jeff, Jacob, and Erik.

After reaching 9203, or 17 rides today, I decided to go get in the Guardians standby line at 8:20 pm. It has a 90 minute wait time posted. I was able to get on twice before the park closed at 10pm. Got to say hi and get photos with my friends Jessica Marie and Jamie K.

Time ran out before I could go back to Racers and get a photo with Carlene.

Last year at the end of May I had 1044 rides for the year. This year only 796. Almost 250 less than last year. That’s how crowded it has been this year.


Martha waiting in front of DCA entrance.







Birthday Girl Catalina at Luigi’s 


Jory in front of Mater’s


Lisa at Guardians 























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