9300 and Birthday

Getting close to another milestone and got to thinking about reaching 9300 times at Racers on my Birthday.

This is how I was able to achieve this accomplishment.

I came to Radiator Springs Racers on Saturday night after work. I was able to get on 5 times. This brought my ride total to 9266.

On Monday, I arrived at Racers at 11:18 am. From then until 3:19 pm, I turned 12 laps. That brought my total to 9278. I left at 3:19 pm to get ready for my Birthday dinner.

I met my friends Carlene and Steve Beckius, Heather Hebenstreit and her boyfriend Jon, and Mike Garcia. We went to the Benihana restaurant in Anaheim. It was the 3rd annual dinner for me and Catalina Simpson. Catalina could not make it because she just had a baby girl on June 22nd. So next year we will have 3 June Birthdays to celebrate. It was a small group but we had a fun time. I want to thank them all for coming. I love them all for their friendships.

On Tuesday, I arrived at park opening at 8 am. I went to Racers. The ride was not open yet. A little problem with Lightning at Tail Light Caverns. When the ride opened at 8:15 am, I was able to be in the first car out of the station for the day. I got on 3 times. Now at 9281. I went over to Guardians Fastpass and met Steve and Carlene, we all got a Fastpass for 11:35 am. We came over to Racers. The ride was in a full power down. We walked over to Screamin. I did not go on. Do not think my knees will bend enough. I got pictures of Carlene and Steve before they were launched into the ride.

We then went on Silly Symphony Swings. A fun ride. Then we got a little wet on Grizzly River Run. It’s been awhile since I’ve been on that ride.

Found out Racers was back up at 10:34 am. We went in Single Rider line twice. That got me to 9283.

We went over to Guardians to use our Fastpass. I saw Sarah Glovin holding the Fastpass sign and Sara Macias sent us on on Mission in the gantry. We got the song, “Free Ride”. I think that is my favorite.

I came back to Racers and Steve and Carlene went over to Disneyland. Let’s see if I can get another 16 rides before the park closes at 10 pm.

By 4:30 pm, I had 7 more rides. Now at 9290. I also got a photo with Carina Rodriguez. Still want to get 9 more rides in today.

At 7 pm, I was at 9293. Single rider line now 45 minute wait. Things are not looking good.

And then at 7:10 pm, a full power down at the ride. They could not get a car moving in the station. Really looking bleak to get in 6 more rides today. Oh well. I’m waiting close to the area where they group you into the  load rows. Staying to see what happens next. At about 8:10 pm they started to clear the queue. This means it is going to take longer for the ride to come back on line.

The ride came back up at 9 pm. I got on 2 more times. Finished the day at 9295.

Today is my Birthday. I need 5 more rides to hit 9300. I walked over from the parking lot. I met Lisa Love at Starbucks. Got my first Birthday selfie with her. She is a good friend. She and her group, Drama Free Disney, always look out for me and have my back in this adventure.

I came into DCA and walked over to get in line for a Guardians Fastpass. As I’m coming down the street I saw my friend Sarah Glovin. She raised her hands and said “Happy Birthday”. I got a selfie with her and my friend Carlene, who was holding the Fastpass sign.

After getting the Fastpass, I went on  Racers once. I then met up with the Drama Free ladies, Heather, Amy, Erin and Lisa. We got a DAS pass to ride Racers together. The time was for 9:40 am. So I used my Guardians Fastpass, then went on Racers one time. Then it was time to ride with the Drama Free girls. The ride was number 9298. After taking some photos, I got back in the Single Rider Line. The single rider line now had a wait of 35 minutes.

So at 11:20 am, in Purple 4, I won the race for number 9300. I’ll always remember my 2 big laps in June. I reached 9200 on my friend Catalina’s Birthday on June 5th, and 9300 on my Birthday June 28th.

I went by the “Treasures” store to see my friend Amanda Herrera. I then walked over to Disneyland. I went into Star Wars launch Bay. I got in line to get a picture with Chewbacca. I had my 9300 sign. He was very impressed with my ride total at Racers. He gave me 2 giant hugs. He even opened the door for me when I left. That was a great Birthday present. One I’ll never forget.

I went back to DCA and got  a photo with Black Widow and she could care less. The number means nothing to her.

I was able to get one last photo with Carlene. Both of us acting “Goofy”. She again wished me Happy Birthday. Of course after teasing me about having too many Birthday buttons. I thanked her and told her to take it easy in this weather. Went on Racers for number 9301.

I then walked back over to Disneyland to meet Lisa and her daughter Olivia. We met Katie Hendrickson and went on Haunted Mansion.

I went back to DCA and went on Guardians 5 more times. It was Shayna’s last day. On one mission Yasmin had everyone in our Gantry, sing Happy Birthday to me. Very cool. I even got to ride once with Katie and her husband Glenn. I went back to Racers for one last ride. I got to ride with Diane Rich and her daughter. Seven rides for  the day and now at 9302. I then ended the night with one last ride on Guardians. That made it 7 times today and a total of 28 times. I got several photos with my Guardian friends.

It was a great Birthday. A lot of Birthday messages on Facebook and numerous ” Happy Birthday” wishes from Disney cast members. They all make me feel younger than my age.

Now 698 more rides to hit 10,000. Just a side note. Last year by the end of June, I went on Racers 1308 times for the year. At the end of June this year, I only have 912 rides. That’s 396 less rides than last year, at this time. It has been very crowded this year. Even with the opening of Guardians. It looks like 10,000 may not happen until the end of June. We shall see.

The 9300 ride at 11:20 am
Steve, Carlene, Heather, Me,  Jon and Mike at Benihana 
Steve, Carlene, Me, Mike, Heather and Jon
Steve, Carlene and Me
The first car on the track for the day,
Carlene and Steve in the 2nd row 
Steve and Goofy Carlene
After getting wet on Grizzly
Sarah G. 
Our “Free Ride” on Guardians.

“Hit Me With Your Best Shot” on Guardians.
Drama Free ride # 9298
Crazy people 
Me and Chewie 
Black Widow. Not impressed, 
The 2 Goofs
Olivia and Lisa
Katie, Lisa and Olivia 
With Glenn and Katie







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