On Monday, I needed 20 rides to reach the 9700 mark at Radiator Springs Racers. I showed up at the ride at about 11 am. The single rider line was not crowded. Anywhere from a 5 to 10-minute wait,  most of the day. I got to 9698 at 4 pm. I could have easily gotten 2 more laps. But I wanted to get over to Disneyland for Mickey’s Trick or Treat Party.

They allowed the guests to come into Toontown at 5 pm for trick or treating. In Mickey and Minnie’s houses, they had 8 candy stations. I was there until 6 pm. I then ventured out to the rest Disneyland and all the other candy stations had candy stations. They were all over the park. By the Bobsleds, inside Star Wars Launch Bay, by Nemo, Pixie Hollow, Fantasyland, 2 on the way from Fantasyland to Big Thunder, inside the Golden Horseshoe, Rancho Del Zocalo, Critter Country, Rivers of America, and by the train station on Main Street. The goal was to get 10 pounds of candy. I ended up with 14.4 pounds. I got the candy to give to some of my friends.

On Tuesday I got to Racers at 11 am. I only needed 2 rides to reach 9700. I turned the 9700 lap at 11:49 am. I even won the race. I celebrated by getting pictures with my Racers friends. I ended the day at 9711. That was 13 rides for the day. Only 289 more rides to reach 10,000.


One of the candy stations 

14.4 pounds of candy

Clever Carlene

Mikey and Annette





Cidney and Jason


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