A Packed House.

I thought last Monday was crowded at Racers. Was I mistaken. Today is the busiest day I’ve been this year. And I have visited California Adventure 44 times this year. It’s a good excuse to have a blog post, since I’m waiting in line. 

The morning started out great. Only 10  or 15 minute wait. But by 1pm, the wait is 40 minutes or more. I’ve turned 11 laps as of 2:15pm. Not a good lap total for over 6 hours of waiting. Today, I even question how I can continue with this adventure. I just keep sight of that number out there I want to reach. 5000. I don’t know if I will laugh or cry when I reach 5000. Maybe a little of both. I’m glad the Pit Crew likes to take photos and talk to me. They make the time waiting bearable. Plus they thanked me for bringing them chocolate cookies today. We kind of help each other. 
As if this post, I’m at 3314 all time. Nineteen more to my next sign of 3333.

Carlene and Catalina


Greg and Ruth

Greg and Stephanie

April and Cian

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