The Show Must Go On

I arrived at the attraction today at 12:36pm. The cars were running but the ride was not open for guests. This was due to part of the attraction was not working. It is called The Show. These are all the moving animatronics in the ride. All the moving figures or in this case, cars. There are a total of about 19 cars or tractors that move and talk to you on the ride. If they are not moving or talking, guests will not get the full story of Radiator Springs. It could be Mater, Lightning McQueen, Frank, Sally, Guido, Luigi, Red, Stanley, Sheriff, and the 2 tractors. If 1 or more of them are nor performing, they need to be reset. 

All the characters want you to enjoy their town. They just ask for patience if they are not working up to par.

Guido and Luigi


Lightning and Mater

Fillmore and Sarge

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