Countdown to 6000

Came into today needing 7 laps (rides) to reach 5900. I arrived at Radiator Springs Racers at 8:45am. The single rider line was only a 5 minute wait. Got 2 laps in by 9:15am and the wait time is now about 15 minutes. After lap 5896, the single rider wait is almost 20 minutes. Cars seem to be moving slow out of the load area today. Or maybe I’m just anxious to hit 5900. 

I took a quick 6 minute break at 10am to get a Fastpass for later. If single rider line gets crowded, I’ll use the pass. When I got back to Racers, the single rider wait was 25 minutes.
At 10:44am, I need 2 more laps to reach 5900. Single rider wait still more than 25 minutes.
At 10:59am, the ride went down. I could see from my place in line, that a car faulted, on the low bank after race finish. They got the guests out of the car, then were able to get the car rolling again. The  attraction was working again at 11:15am. I got in line at 11:50am, for lap 5900. The wait looks about 30 minutes. Where did all these people come from?
At 12:26pm, in Purple 3, Ramone side of the race, I hit 5900 times on Racers. And I won the race. It was also the 333 time this year.
I’ll spend the rest of the day, getting more laps and photos with my Pit Crew friends.

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