Racers Recap 2015

Last year was the best year so far at Radiator Springs Racers. I hit a lot of milestones along the way. On February 17th, I hit the 3000 lap on Racers. Almost 5 months later, on July 7th, I hit 4000. Then on November 2nd, I hit lap 5000. 

There were also 3 all time one day lap records attained. On June 27th, I got 46 laps. Then on September 28th, I was able to get 47. The best day ended up being on Christmas Eve. I turned 52 laps. I was hoping one day I could have a 50 lap day. But never expected it to happen on Christmas Eve. Most of the day, the wait in line was less than 5 minutes. I do not think I ever want to break that record because it happened on Christmas Eve. And getting past 5555 on New Year’s Eve, ended the year on a great note.
A friend told me I doubt myself too much in hitting my goals. Every goal I’ve set at Racers has been achieved. I know it is because of the support from my Pit Crew friends and even the Ride itself wanting me to succeed. It has a way of testing me from time to time. Seeing if I stick it out on the tough days. And also support from the various Disney Group members. Everyone and everything has a way of bringing me luck and Disney Magic. Hopefully for years to come. 
What is ahead for 2016? I really don’t set goals at the beginning of the year. But I can say, I’ll hit 6000 and 7000 this year. After those laps are achieved, we will see how the year may end. Now here are my stats for 2015:
I turned 2795 laps (rides) on Racers in 2015. That’s 395 more laps than 2014. My won lost record was 1429 wins and 1366 losses. 63 more wins than losses.
By lane of race:
Ramone: 1405 times and record of 703-702.
Luigi: 1390 times and record of 726-664.
By color of car:
Red: 505 times and record of 293-213
Teal: 385 times and record of 188-197
Silver: 368 times and record of 187-181
Purple: 336 times and record of 169-167
Blue: 325 times and record of 168-157
Cranberry: 307 times and record of 138-169
Green: 290 times and record of 136-154
Yellow: 279 times and record of 148-131
Winning records in Red, Silver, Purple, Blue, and Yellow. Losing records in Teal, Cranberry, and Green.
I came to Radiator Springs Racers 157 days in 2015 for an average of 17.8 laps per day.
Laps per month:
January: 130
February: 159
March: 238
April: 200
May: 210
June: 282
July: 186
August: 204
September: 366
October: 251
November: 191
December: 378
An average of 232.9 laps per month.


Ruth, Catalina, Carlene and Katie

Ruth, Catalina, Carlene and Katie

Catalina, Ruth, Katie and Carlene

Catalina, Katie, Carlene and Ruth

Friends Erin, Sandra, Dorise, Heather, Claudia, Mark, DeShawn and Michelle

The 5555 lap

Jonathan, Joel, Brittany, and Heather in the last car out on New Year’s Eve. Number 5568 all time.

Other rides with cast members during the year: On June 22nd with Alessa, Teresa, Zeina and Bethanie

On July 10th with Jared, Andres, Cameron, Bethanie and Blanca

On August 25th with Alejandra

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