Disney World January 2019: Day 7.

Monday, January 14th:

Caught the bus to Epcot. Pretty much know what’s going to happen from here until I go home; Test Track.

The park opened at 8:57 am and Test Track was open as soon as the crowd got there.

I got on 21 times by 2:30 pm. The plastic part of my lanyard, which holds the number fell off in a car. By chance, I noticed the car in front of me was car number 10. So they called “Tower” and found out the car behind 10 was 30. When 30 came around there was the number holder on the floor of the front row. That put me at 248.

I visited “Mexico” and went on the Gran Fiesta Tour. A boat ride celebrating Mexico with The Three Caballeros. I walked all the way around the World Showcase and back to Test Track. I met Jessi there. Jessi was one of the first cast members I met the first time I came to Track. We went on number 249 together. It was great to see her. She works Testing and Adjust for Galaxy’s Edge in Hollywood Studios.

I took the monorail to the Magic Kingdom. I saw Kayla at Dumbo. It was great to see her. She took me to see Lindsay at Barnstormer. Wanted to see her one more time before I go back home. Had to get photos with both of them.

I then went on Small World to compare this one with the one in Disneyland. It is a lot “cleaner” than Disneyland’s Small World.

I took the monorail to The Polynesian Hotel. I met Heather, Jon, Dorise, and Bill there. We had dinner at Ohana. It was awesome. Great food and great company. I’ve known Heather and Dorise for over 5 years. And I was lucky enough to be one of the groomsmen at Heather and Jon’s wedding. Always fun to hang with them, at home and in Orlando.

Tomorrow is the last full day at the park. A lot to do at Test Track and say goodbye to these great cast members.

Jessi and Shane
Jessi and Justin
Mexico in the World Showcase
Mexico in the World Showcase
"it's a small world"
Bill, Dorise, Heather and Jon
'Ohana Chicken
'Ohana Steak
'Ohana Shrimp
'Ohana Pot Stickers, chicken wings, and noodles
'Ohana Shrimp
'Ohana Bread pudding with ice cream

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